* Thanks To All

A big thank you to everyone who remembered us with pictures and cards and letters over the holiday season.  The reason I am writing this now and not earlier is that the mail is still rolling in.  The mail takes a little longer this time of year, but we don't mind the extended time of receiving extra mail.  We will try to respond to you all individually, but it may take us a while!

This post takes the place of an end of year letter to friends and family, since all the information about our lives in the past year is posted on the earlier blogs!

We are thankful for the support and prayers for and the interest in the work here.  May God further the cause of His kingdom in the Philippines and everywhere else in the world for the glory of His Name, the salvation of His catholic Church, and the coming of Christ.


  1. Thanks for the pictures and greeting. We surely want to express our thankfulness for your labors there. We send our new year greetings to you as well. May God richly bless you in your life in the service of our Lord.

    In Christian Love ,
    Rich and Jan

  2. Very nice pictures of you both. You look like you are doing well.

    We keep you in prayer as you do God's work in another country.

    Bern and Marcia TB

  3. Thanks SO MUCH for the nice pics! You both look GREAT - like honeymooner kids!! We think of you so often and pray for God's care of you so far from friends and family - such a sacrifice but for such a good cause. We miss you and love you both.
    John & Linda

  4. Hi! Yes, you make me feel guilty, not being numbered in the many who remembered to send holiday greetings. May God bless you and the church in the Philippines.
    Heidi and (Chuck)

  5. Hi Daniel and Sharon...glad to have found this blog...thanks for all your work...what a sacrafice on your part...we pray God will take care of you while you are far your U.S. family and friends and bless your work there with God's people . Very nice pics of you both! Nice to see pics of the Delegates too. Love, Pat and Rev. Koole