* Trip to Albuera, Leyte, August 2018: The PRFA Members

The sign advertising the worship services

Geliza, BJ, and Gia, in order of age
Take picture and videos of them on your phone, show them,
and you make friends fast.  :-)

Bro Joel, Sis Malin and their three children.  They live next door to the church building and came over in the evenings to visit.

These teenage members of the church came by a couple of times to visit as well.

And Sunday evening Rica and BJ came for a while to visit and to practice their English.

Sitting and relaxing on Saturday, by the house

Getting organized

Sunday was the highlight of the trip.  
Meeting and worshipping with God's people is a precious blessing.

Getting ready for worship

Singing the Psalter in Tagalog

After the first service there was time for a picture
 and for some getting-to-know-you time.

Going home again after the services

Monday morning these two cuties came again
-- to say good-bye on their way to school.  

Tacloban, Leyte is where General Douglas MacArthur fulfilled
his promise to return to the Philippines during World War II.  
There is a memorial there in honor of the occasion, which we
had some time to check out on the way home.

It was a blessing to experience the fellowship with our fellow believers in Albuera and the truth of the Apostles' Creed when it states, "I believe one, holy catholic [universal] church."

* Trip to Albuera, Leyte, August 2018: Flowers and Food Sources

First a few pictures of some gorgeous flowers.



The house we stayed in is set right up against the rice fields.

Looking over the fence near the house.

The water supply.

Getting fattened up for slaughter.

Lots of banana trees surrounding the houses.

A rambutan tree - the fruit turns red when it's ripe.

A small veggie market

Brother Felix shredding the meat of a coconut. 

Saturday morning we took a walk.  We went back down our path/gravel road to the main highway.  We crossed the highway and took this concrete road through the neighborhood to the beach.  Maybe a mile walk one way.  

Path to the beach

Sister Norma and some of the teenage girls from the fellowship came with us.

When we arrived at the beach, some fishing boats were just coming in with their night's catch.

A lot of men on one boat!

The catch ready to go to market.

* Trip to Albuera, Leyte, August 2018: Travel and Food

At the November 1, 2017 Classis of the PRCP, the Protestant Reformed Fellowship in Albuera, Leyte was declared a denominational mission work of the PRCP.  The PRC in Bulacan (who had been working there previously) was designated as the calling church and has been sending delegations there as regularly as possible (usually once a month).  They requested that Rev. Kleyn (who had been there 4 times previously) make a trip from August 10-13, 2018.  I also went along as a travel companion.  

Albuera is on the island of Leyte, which is south and east of Luzon (the island we live on).  To get there, we first had to drive to the airport (at 2 a.m. the trip only took a half hour), then catch our 4:30 flight to Tacloban, Leyte.  Upon landing in Tacloban, we walked outside the Tacloban airport and caught a tricycle.

Good thing we packed lightly!

The tricycle took us to the van terminal.

We had to wait about an hour until the van was full enough for the 2-3
hour trip across the mountains and along the coast to Ormoc City.

The vans seat 14 passengers.  There are 5 rows that hold 3 people each.  
A bit squishy for us large size Americans, holding luggage on our laps.

In Ormoc, we could walk kitty corner across the street to the jeepney terminal.

This time we had to wait only about 20 minutes for the jeepney to fill up.
The jeepney took us down to Albuera in about 20 minutes,
dropping off people along the way.

Rev. Kleyn recognized our drop off spot from previous trips --
a rice mill across the street from our road/path. 

This gravel road changed into a dirt path and led us to the compound set
among the banana and coconut trees that would be our home for a few days.

Brother Felix and Sister Norma were our gracious hosts for the weekend.  Even though we arrived at their place mid-afternoon, they still supplied us with a delicious lunch. 

The compound contains Bro Felix and Sis Norma Montalban's house, two other houses, the church, and a small store.  The building you see here is Montalban's house.

Below are some of the meals they cooked for us.  We had rice with every meal (breakfast, lunch and supper) as the Filipinos regularly do.

Fried fish, fried chicken, and chicken caldereta (like a tomato based stew).

Pork chops and pancit (noodles)

Breakfast of fish, eggs, and hotdogs

Two fish dishes (fried and cooked with tomatoes and onions), 
liver caldereta, and lumpia (spring rolls)

Story to be continued ……. 


* PRCP Classis, Etc.

On Tuesday, June 12, 2018 the second PRCP Classis meeting of the year (there are 3 total) was hosted by the Berean PRC and held in Provident Christian Church in Marikina.  

Rev. Flores, the previous chairman, leads the Classis in opening devotions.

The work of the Classis is summarized as follows:

The Classis of the PRCP met this past Tuesday from 9:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m.  Rev. Ibe chaired the meeting.  Among other things, Classis treated matters concerning finances, pre-seminary Greek (approving some preparations), theological training (approving constitutions), contact with other churches, budget for a missionary who might be called to labor in the PRFA in Leyte (recommitted), and translation work.  A significant decision of Classis was to start working toward establishing a sister church relationship with the Covenant Evangelical Reformed Church in Singapore.  The Classis expressed its thanks to Provident for the use of their building.  The next meeting of Classis is scheduled for October 31, to be hosted by and held in the Maranatha PRC in Valenzuela, the Lord willing.

Signing the Formula of Subscription

Those who are observant will realize there are two pastors missing from this meeting.  
The reason for this is shown in the following pictures.

Missionary, Rev. Holstege, who is on a 6 week furlough in the USA, 
addresses the synod of the PRCA.

Rev. Trinidad, pastor of Maranatha PRCP, was delegated by the PRCP Classis to the Synod of the PRCA and traveled with the Holsteges to the USA.  He is in the States for about 11 days and will arrive back in the Philippines this week, Lord willing.  He also had opportunity to address the Synod on behalf of the PRCP.

We are thankful to the Lord for unity of truth and life between the PRCA and the PRCP, expressed in the newly established sister church relationship between these two denominations.  

And now a couple of lighter hearted pictures...

Kirsten and Kiley went on a trike ride with Rev. Kleyn one day.

Not near as cute as the two people in the previous picture, 
but it's the best we can do!  :-)


* Miscellaneous Pictures and Events

This past April a young couple from the Protestant Reformed churches here was married.  Rev. Ibe performed the ceremony.  We are thankful to God for another covenant home established in the PRCP. 

Jeremiah and Leslie Pascual....

....being united in marriage.

A picture with some of the members of Berean PRC
at the wedding

In Maranatha PRC 3 little boys getting ready for catechism class with Rev. Trinidad

A couple months ago the Holsteges had the missionary familes and the members of Provident Christian Church at their home. 

We had a good day of fellowship.

I thought some of the US farmers might enjoy seeing these tractors at the
New Holland dealership in Bacolod City.

And once again, a picture of some of the attendees at the pastors' classes in Sipalay City, Negros Occidental which is in the central Philippines.
(Otherwise known as the SNO classes)