* Delegation (5)

On Saturday morning, as mentioned last time, Gerald and Alan were able to attend the Berean PRCP's consistory meeting.

After the consistory lunch, we put our bags in the car, picked up Alan from the Smits, and left for Gabaldon.  We arrived in Cabanatuan in time for supper and got to our hotel at about 7:30, in time to prepare for the Lord's Day the following day.  We headed for Gabaldon at 7:00 am on Sunday morning, armed with our breakfast of pan de sal (a delicious bread here which we bought the night before), granola bars, bananas and juice.  We arrived at the church building just after 8:00.

Rev. Kleyn first taught the children catechism, then preached on worshiping God in spirit and in truth, and then taught the Heidelberg Catechism, the Lord's Day on why we are called Christians.  A comment after the service and classes were finished was, "Magandang umaga" (a good morning).  God's word is effective even through the barriers of language and culture.  We were able to have lunch and to fellowship with the people for a while.

Lining up for lunch

Monday morning the missionaries and delegates headed off for the city.  The missionaries had to go to the Christian Missionary Service to do some yearly paperwork for the visas.  The delegates got to experience yet another part of the city as well as more Manila traffic.  They made it home in time for supper at the Kleyns.

The delegates left early Tuesday morning.  We have heard that they made it safely home again.  We are thankful for that and for their work here and the encouragement given.  May God prosper the work for the salvation of His church and the glory of His name. 

* Delegation (4)

This continues the story of the delegates 2011 visit to the Philippines.  Wednesday the Kleyns and Rev. Smit had Tagalog Class at Faith Academy.  The delegates took that time to visit and talk over their work.  Wednesday afternoon when the children came home from school the delegates did family visitation with the Smits.  They then came here for supper and followed that up with family visitation with the Kleyns.  We are thankful for the care and oversight of the calling church in this.

Thursday we were all able to go to Faith Academy for lunch at the Vee, the cafeteria there.

A couple of the Smit children were on their lunch break
 and were able to join us with a couple of their friends.

The men were able to try out the jeepneys and trikes.

Friday night we all enjoyed the Smit's hospitality for supper and fun.

A new kind of arm wrestling -- 5 against one.

It's Saturday morning here now and the delegation is meeting with the Berean Consistory at the Kleyn's house.  After the meeting and lunch the Kleyns will leave with the delegation for Cabanatuan and Gabaldon for the weekend.


* Delegation (3)

MONDAY (January 17): Delegates attend the 7M meeting held in the building of the Christian Faith Ministry in Batasan Hills

Reading the CFM's Sign

The "Student" Body

Delicious Lunch and Good Fellowship

TUESDAY MORNING: Delegates and missionary couples take a trip to Paete

Taking in the View
("Where's Iowa?")

Parking in Paete

Tricycle Ride into Town

Welcome to Paete (wood carving town)

Checking Out the Carving

Comfy Ride

A Sample - Coffee Table

An Iowa Cow?
(Nah, wrong color)

TUESDAY EVENING: Delegates attend the Berean PRCP's weekly Bible Study

Bible Study

* Delegation (2)

On Saturday the missionaries had to prepare for Sunday, so Tricia and the kids and I took the delegates to Faith Academy in the afternoon.  The kids enjoyed showing off their classrooms to the visitors.  Then some of us played soccer, some went swimming, and some just played.

Soccer.  Who won?

Sunday morning we picked up Alan DeBoer bright and early from the Smit's place and headed off for the First Reformed Church in Bulacan.  The delegates enjoyed meeting the people there and singing and worshipping with them.  They even got to sing a couple Psalter numbers in Tagalog. 

Extending greetings from the PRCA.

Alan talking to Pastor's father.

Gerald talking to Pastor Flores.

Group Picture

Visiting with the consistory after lunch

When Rev. Kleyn was finished with Young People's at about 2:00 we headed off so we could make the Berean PRC second service at 3:30. 

Visiting in the Berean PRC

After church we were cordially invited with the rest of the congregation to the Bongat's house for dinner to celebrate some family birthdays.

It was a long, but enjoyable day with God's people.

* Delegation (1)

The delegation of Gerald Brummel (representing the Foreign Mission Committee) and Alan De Boer (representing Doon PRC's Council) arrived here a few days ago.  Their visit, on behalf of the denomination, is part of the work of our churches in the oversight of the missionaries and the mission field (e.g., conduct family visitation with the missionary families, observe and discuss the work of the missionaries, meet the saints here, etc.).

Alan and Gerald were scheduled to arrive late Wednesday night, but weren't able to set their feet on Philippine soil until early Friday morning (around 1:00 am).  Troubles with the plane in Sioux Falls (on account of ice) meant they missed their flight out of Minneapolis.  So they ended up being rerouted, spending a night in Detroit, then being rerouted again.  Finally, after more than 48 hours of travel, they arrived safely to our tropical climate - glad to be here, and glad to enjoy the heat.  One thing that couldn't keep up with all their rerouting, however, was their luggage.  It eventually turned up at our house 24 hours later (at 12:30 am Saturday morning).

Here are a few pictures of their first day here (Friday, January 14).

Finally here .... and smiling!
(Were glad to see us, as we were to see them.)

Gerald writing a "love letter" home

In the Streets of Antipolo City

Fish Section at the Wet Market

The Chicken Section

Trying out some Local Transportation

Where's Alan heading?

A New-Name idea for Marilyn's salon

Supper together on Friday Evening
On their first Sunday, the delegation plans to accompany us as we worship in the morning in the First Reformed Church of Bulacan.  In the afternoon, Lord willing, we will attend the second worship service of the Berean Protestant Reformed Church in Quezon City, Manila.

* Thanks To All

A big thank you to everyone who remembered us with pictures and cards and letters over the holiday season.  The reason I am writing this now and not earlier is that the mail is still rolling in.  The mail takes a little longer this time of year, but we don't mind the extended time of receiving extra mail.  We will try to respond to you all individually, but it may take us a while!

This post takes the place of an end of year letter to friends and family, since all the information about our lives in the past year is posted on the earlier blogs!

We are thankful for the support and prayers for and the interest in the work here.  May God further the cause of His kingdom in the Philippines and everywhere else in the world for the glory of His Name, the salvation of His catholic Church, and the coming of Christ.