* Reformation 500, October 31, 2017 (#1)

A Reformation Day Conference was held in Provident Christian Church on Tuesday, October 31, 2017 to celebrate the 500th Anniversary of The Reformation.  We had a thrilling day remembering the great heritage God has given us through men that He raised up to return His church to the truths of the Bible.  

Registration started at 8 am.
Some of the members from Maranatha PRC were willing to take care of this.

Book sales were steady right from the start of the day.

The first speech was given by Rev. Kleyn on the history of the Reformation.

Rev. Ibe led in devotions and introduced the speaker.

A good crowd was gathered to enjoy the speeches.
Attendance was just over 150!

There was a short break for coffee after the first speech.  Members from Provident Church helped, not only with the set up, but also with the snacks and lunch.

Good conversations and fellowship

Elder Dave Kregel enjoyed the day immensely -- meeting the people and seeing their love for the same truths that are held dear in the PRCA.

Lugaw was the nutritious snack -- a thick rice porridge often with chicken, ginger and garlic. 

Can't get enough of those books!

The second speech was given by Rev. Smit on "The Legacy of Martin Luther."

Rev. Trinidad introduced the speaker.

Seven things we can be thankful to God for from Martin Luther.

[More to come!]