* Monthly Trip to Bacolod and Sipalay - September 20-24

The third week of every month, the two missionaries travel to Bacolod City and Sipalay.  Rev. Smit usually leaves on Saturday and preaches in Bacolod on Sunday.  Rev. Kleyn then joins him on Monday and together they do classes to the group in Bacolod City on Monday night, and then pastors' classes in Sipalay on Tuesday.  In September they did a switch, so that Rev. Kleyn did the Sunday preaching there and Rev. Smit came down on Monday.  I was able to travel with my husband and meet the people, some old friends and some new ones.

Getting ready for the services on Sunday morning. 

Sunday morning's gathering.

Enjoying our lunch and fellowship.

Rev. Smit arrived as scheduled on Monday afternoon.  Monday evening we held two classes.  Rev. Smit taught church government, and Rev. Kleyn taught doctrines.

Fellowship after Monday night's classes.

We left early Tuesday morning and drove down to Sipalay (a beautiful drive through the sugar cane plantations and along the coast) arriving in time for the 9:00 a.m. start of the pastors' training classes there.

Rev. Kleyn teaching Reformed Church Order.
In Rev. Kleyn's 2 1/2 hour class period there were 30 questions asked!

The attendees.

The route to and from Sipalay is under construction.  This was a tight squeeze.  I think they actually scraped each other as they passed.

I personally enjoyed this visit.  Hopefully I'll be able to go along again sometime.  It's always a joy to meet and get to know more of God's people here.