* Visit from CC of PRCA (2)

On Sunday, December 18, while Prof. Dykstra was preaching in Provident Christian Church, Rev. Eriks spent the day with the Berean PRC, preaching twice, having lunch with the congregation, and giving a brief talk concerning the sister church relationship.

 Berean PRC

Explaining the process and benefits of a sister church relationship

Watching the Berean PRC's history video

On the delegation's second Sunday here (December 25), I drove Prof. Dykstra to Maranatha PRC, while Rev. Kleyn took Rev. Eriks to the PRC in Bulacan. 

A picture with Rev. Trinidad's family

Speaking and Preaching in the PRC of Bulacan

Bulacan PRC group shot

One evening we took the men to a nearby 360* lookout over the hills of Antipolo and over the city of Manila to watch the sunset.

Climbing the swinging bridge to the lookout

Sunset over the city.  Beautiful!

We also found time to visit Daranak Falls, about 1 hour southeast of where we live.


* Visit from CC of PRCA (1)

In 2015, the Classis of the Protestant Reformed Churches in the Philippines sent an official letter to the Synod of the Protestant Reformed Churches in America expressing their desire to establish a sister church relationship between our two denominations. 

In December of last year, the Contact Committee of the PRCA sent Prof. R. Dykstra and Prof. R. Cammenga to the Philippines to meet with the office bearers of the PRCP and to begin investigating the possibility of sister relations.  Many matters of faith and life were discussed in order to determine the level of unity between the two denominations. 

Since much unity was found, the Contact Committee again delegated men to come and meet with the churches here in order to continue the discussions.  This time Prof. R. Dykstra and Rev. G. Eriks came.

Arrival in Manila airport on December 15, 2016

Of course, we had to make sure the men got tricycle and jeepney rides.

The evening of the day they arrived, we held Bible study in Provident Christian church.  Rev. Kleyn did not ask the men to speak that night - he was kind enough to give them a little time to try to get over their jetlag before putting them to work.  :-)

Jollibee, the Filipino version of McDonalds

Rev. Eriks was brave enough to drive here!  He did a good job.

On their first Sunday here (December 18), Rev. Eriks preached in the Berean PRCP (pictures later) and Prof. Dykstra preached in Provident Christian Church.

Note Regarding PCC  
With the approval of Doon PRC and the FMC, a Steering Committee was recently appointed in Provident Christian Church to help with the continuing process of reforming and organizing as a Reformed congregation.  The committee plans to meet at least a few times each month.  A meeting was held on Sunday December 18, prior to the worship services.

Sunday morning meeting of the Steering committee of Provident Christian Church.  Going clockwise around the table: Rev. Kleyn, Bro. Mitch Suarez, Bro. Bien Montoya, Bro. Alex Dela Rosa, Bro. Jun Armas



* New Year Greetings and More

First of all, we wish you all a Blessed New Year.  May the cause of God's kingdom prosper, so that Christ may return on the clouds of heaven to take His church to Himself. 

Also, thanks to everyone for your prayers in the past year.  Be assured we remember you all in prayer as well. 

In Christ, Rev. Daniel and Sharon Kleyn

And now we would like to share some recent pictures with you.

First some sights in Antipolo City .....

School marching bands

Which one would you choose to be grilled for you?

Look closely -- this driver took his pet to work that day. 
Would you hire this trike??

Some girls came for lunch with their 10 children plus 2 of the Ibe boys.

Elena, Elsen, Emsie (standing), LJ, MJ, myself, Jethro, Sis. Jenny (holding baby Jotham), Eliza, Sis. Susie (holding baby Elsid), Emjay, Emily, Trixie. 

Rev. Kleyn took the older children for a walk to "Second Floor."

We also had a group of new attendees in Maranatha PRC come to our house to check out the bookstore and also ask questions about the Reformed Faith.

Myself, Jenny, Ruel, Julius, Argel and his son (Argel's wife couldn't make it that day).

Rev. Kleyn played his saw for them and then they wanted to try it.  :-)

* Visit of Peter and Brenda

We recently had Rev. Kleyn's nephew and niece visit us from the States.  We enjoyed showing them around and taking them with us on Sundays and other parts of the work.

Their first Sunday was spent in Provident Christian Church.

After church we were able to stop at the Ibe's house and visit with many members of the Berean PRC, who had gathered for the 10th Anniversary of their church.

Peter, Andy, Louis, Juno, Elders Rod Bongat and Eric Mescallado

At the market
(Notice the photo bomber in the background.  haha)

They were also able to travel with us on our monthly visit to the island of Negros for the work there.

Monday night Bible study in Bacolod City.

Our favorite place to stop and stretch our legs on the 4 hour drive to Sipalay from Bacolod City.

Pastor classes (SNO) in Sipalay

The second Sunday they were here we attended the Maranatha PRC.

We enjoyed their visit and they enjoyed seeing the sights and meeting God's people in the Philippines.  :-)

* Singapore Visit - October, 2016

Covenant Evangelical Reformed Church (CERC) in Singapore requested that Rev. Kleyn come to Singapore to help them in the examination of a student for the ministry, Emmanuel Singh. 

Bro. Emmanuel Singh has been a pastor in Kolkata, India for many years already, but through contact with the Protestant Reformed Churches in America (PRCA) and then CERC, he desired to be affiliated with a Reformed denomination, rather than working independently.  As he stated in his exam, it is better for the long life of the church to have the Reformed church order and thus also to be affiliated with a denomination. 

Over the past eight years or so, Bro. Emmanuel received instruction via Skype from several ministers of the PRCA and more recently from Rev. Lanning.  CERC deemed that the time was ripe for him to be examined.

CERC also requested that Rev. Bruinsma be present to aid in the examination.

CERC asked, too, that Rev. Kleyn and Rev. Bruinsma conduct church visitation with their consistory while they were there.  This saved money and time, for now a different delegation does not need to travel from the States to Singapore to conduct the annual visitation required by the Church Order of Dordt. 

Thursday evening: Session (consistory) dinner before the meeting for church visitation.

At the meeting

Left to right: Elder Fai Chong, Elder Felix Chan, Elder Kong Wee, Rev. Lanning, Bro. Emmanuel Singh, Deacon Yoon Chuan, Deacon Cornelius Boon, Deacon Paul Liu, Elder Gim Theng. 
(Revs. Kleyn and Bruinsma are both taking pictures.) 

Saturday was the day scheduled for Bro. Emmanuel Singh's examination.

Waiting for our ride to the church

The examination went from 9 am to about 3 pm.

Bro. Emmanuel first preached his specimen sermon for the examination. 
It was his first time to preach in English!  His native language is Bengali.

Rev. Kleyn asks some questions.

Rev. Lanning's turn.....

...... and Rev. Bruinsma's turn

The Session members had opportunity to ask for further clarification of a point.

Rev. Bruinsma and Rev. Kleyn meet to discuss the examination.

Rev. Lanning reads out the consistory's decision to approve Bro. Emmanuel Singh's examination, with a view to his receiving a call from CERC to be a missionary in India, the Lord willing.

Rev. Kleyn reads the announcement from the PRCA delegates that they concur with CERC's consistory that Bro. Emmanuel Singh successfully sustained his examination.

Bro. Emmanuel signs the Formula of Subscription to show that he agrees with the Three Forms of Unity and promises to teach and defend them against all errors.

Presentation of the diploma

Bro. Emmanuel and his wife, Sonali, receive congratulations from the examiners, session members, and observers.

The four pastors......
Rev. Bruinsma, Rev. Singh, Rev. Kleyn, Rev. Lanning

........and their wives

New friends in the Lord

We praise and thank God for His goodness in bringing about these events.  We pray that He will work all of this for the spread of the gospel in India, and for the salvation of His elect people there.