* A Few Pictures

No theme to this blog.  Enjoy the pictures.


Siesta Time

September Birthday Celebrants in First Reformed Church of Bulacan

Neighbors Willing to Wash our Car

And willing to wash ME, too!

Snack Time

Anyone know what this is?
[A few have informed us it's a Passion Flower.]

Innovative Sun-Shade

Normal Traffic on the EDSA Freeway in Manila
(The joke is that Edsa stands for "Every Day Stuck Again")


Off to Work in the Rice Fields

Pastor Trinidad and his wife (on left) and a few members
of the MFG Church in Valenzuela City, Manila

One Tall Person with some of the Ladies of the MFG Church in Valenzuela

Iguana at the Faith Academy School Festival

At least it's not a "Wide Load"!

Watching the School Band

* The Continuing Saga of Bees

We had a recent interesting continuation of the story of our bees.  As you saw on a previous blog, the bees left us to make their home and honey elsewhere.

What was left of the honeycomb after we knocked most of it out of the tree

A few days ago we had a clean up committee come through.

The clean up "committee"

We looked up this bird on the web and found out some interesting facts.  He's a honey buzzard and he feeds mostly on the larvae and nests of wasps.  It is thought that honey buzzards have a chemical deterrant in their feathers that protects them from attack by the wasps (or bees).


What was left of the honeycomb after the bird had his snack

Thy creatures all look to thee for their food. 
Thy hand opens wide they gather the good,
(Psalm 104 - Psalter 286:6)

* Typhoons Pedring and Quiel

Recently two typhoons hit northern Luzon (Manila is in central to south Luzon) causing much flooding and damage to crops.  Typhoon Pedring (international name, Nesat) came on September 27 and Typhoon Quiel (international name, Nalgae) just a few days later on October 1.  In Manila we received a lot of rain, but nothing like they had further north. On our drive to Gabaldon this past weekend we saw much evidence of the damage done to trees, roads, homes and crops.  Many of the members of the All of Grace Protestant Reformed Fellowhip in Gabaldon had two feet or more of water in their homes, but thankfully none lost their homes or their lives. 

Flooding along the NLEX (North Luzon Expressway)

Some of the rice was flattened by the floods and some of the vegetable crops washed away.

The shoulders of the roads were eroded in a lot of places. 

Repair work in progress

The closer we got to Gabaldon the more severe the damage was.  There were huge washouts through the countryside and across the roads.  

These spots used to be all greenery, like the mountains in the background

They were still working on clearing the road and we were down to one lane in places. 

And some people lost their homes

Notice the water still running across the road!

Thy way was in the sea, O God,
through mighty waters deep and broad;
None understood but God alone,
To man thy footsteps were unknown;
But safe Thy people Thou didst keep,
Almighty Shepherd of Thy sheep.
Psalter 211:3

* "Bees Be Gone"

About a month ago, we showed you some pictures of bees in our yard.  They've been around for a couple months, and now and then someone has been chased by them (e.g., a telephone company linesman last week).  But last night they departed.  Not sure why.  Perhaps the warmer weather (in the mid 90's yesterday).  Here are some before and after pictures.


Unfortunately, no honey - the comb was dry.  Some red ants were still hanging around, so we're guessing they had a feast.

* Visit to Leyte Mission of the FRCB

The First Reformed Church of Bulacan has an outreach work in the rural town of Albuera, Leyte, in the central Philippines.  This past weekend I (Rev. Kleyn) was able to accompany Pastor John Flores for a very enjoyable 3 day visit there.  After a 1 hour plane flight, and a 3 hour bus ride across the island of Leyte, the final leg of our journey was by jeepney.  We stayed with Bro. Felix and Sis. Norma Montalban.

The Jeepney Ride

Montalban's Home (with the tin roof)

Our Gracious Hosts: Bro. Felix and Sis. Norma Montalban

Visiting in the Living room of Montalban's home

Upon arrival on Friday evening, we were immediately served a delicious supper.  Afterwards, we visited for some time at the church building with the members of the fellowship.  Pastor Flores led them in singing (Psalter numbers in Tagalog), and in a brief meditation.

On Saturday morning (after meeting with another contact the PRCA missionaries have in Leyte), we took a walk to visit many of the members of the fellowship in their homes.  In this way we were able especially to inform them of our upcoming meetings (a speech on Saturday afternoon, and services on Sunday).

Heading across Rice Fields to Visit Members

A Refreshing Drink of Coconut Juice, and a Taste of the Coconut
(The process:  grab your bolo knife, climb the tree to cut down the coconut, cut off the top and drink the juice, carve a spoon out of the shell, slice open the coconut and eat the meat.)

Some Accompanied Us on our Saturday Morning Visits

Cut Down on Saturday Night in Preparation for Sunday Dinner

A Meal of Fish, Rice, and Stingray

The Kitchen where our Meals were Cooked

The Ladies Who did the Cooking

Montalban's Pig

Drying Fish

A Tricycle Ride

The town of Albuera is on the ocean (Ormoc Bay, South China Sea).  Early on Saturday afternoon, we took a walk to the sea and even a brief swim.  Later in the afternoon, I spoke to the fellowship concerning the "Covenant of Grace."

The South China Sea

On Sunday morning, Pastor Flores preached.  This was the group's 5th anniversary as a fellowship.  Pastor Flores spoke on John 17:1-9.  A good number of visitors also joined us for this worship service.  A lunch fellowship followed.  On Sunday afternoon, I spoke on the place of children in the covenant.

Walking to the Church Building on Sunday Morning
(About a 10 minute walk)

The Church Building

Ready for Worship

Group Picture

The people in southern Leyte speak Cebuano.  They also understand some Tagalog and English.  While I was speaking in English, Pastor Flores translated for me - sentence by sentence.  For the most part he translated into Tagalog, but he also knows some Cebuano and incorporated that into his translation as well.

Pastor Flores Translating as I Speak

Some of the Many Children in the Fellowship

Roasted Duck - our Sunday night feast

Bro. Felix bids us Farewell on Monday Morning

It was a joy to meet and get to know these dear people of God.  Their interest in the truth was obvious, as evident by their attention and by the many questions they asked (mostly regarding infant baptism, and marriage).  May they continue to grow in the truth by means of the labors of the First Reformed Church of Bulacan, as well as through the materials that we are able to provide them.