* The Continuing Saga of Bees

We had a recent interesting continuation of the story of our bees.  As you saw on a previous blog, the bees left us to make their home and honey elsewhere.

What was left of the honeycomb after we knocked most of it out of the tree

A few days ago we had a clean up committee come through.

The clean up "committee"

We looked up this bird on the web and found out some interesting facts.  He's a honey buzzard and he feeds mostly on the larvae and nests of wasps.  It is thought that honey buzzards have a chemical deterrant in their feathers that protects them from attack by the wasps (or bees).


What was left of the honeycomb after the bird had his snack

Thy creatures all look to thee for their food. 
Thy hand opens wide they gather the good,
(Psalm 104 - Psalter 286:6)

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