* A Few Recent Pictures

At a graduation party recently.
(For children of Sister Lina (Batasan Hills), the lady on the left.)

Under the table - a fun place to play!

Palm Sunday yesterday.
(These fronds are purchased by Roman Catholics, brought to the church
to be blessed, and then used to keep away evil spirits.)

A family heading home with their palm fronds.

An interesting load seen on our way to Gabaldon.

One that didn't make it around the corner.
(Also on our way to Gabaldon.)

Anyone like a few bananas?

Quite a load for the little girl to handle!

Boys who love to climb trees!
(Carl & Ryan.)

* Oversight of PRCA Philippines Mission Work (2)

We recently posted a blog on the oversight of the mission work here by the Foreign Mission Committee and Doon Protestant Reformed Church.  Since that posting we have received a picture of the consistory of Doon PRC.

Back row: Keith Zevenbergen, Lee Hoekstra, Mike Mantel, Floyd VandenTop (deacons)
Front: Rev. Overway, Alan VanBemmel, Perry VanEgdom, Alan DeBoer, Jim Hoogendoorn (elders)

We are thankful God gives to His church faithful men to labor in the cause of His kingdom and covenant.  We are grateful to the above men, as well as to all the members of the Foreign Mission Committee, for the encouragement and help they continually give us in our work here.

* Philippines' Reformed Bookshelf

Synod 2010 of the Protestant Reformed Churches in America approved the proposal of a bookstore of RFPA (Reformed Free Publishing Association) books for the Philippines.  Part of the proposal was to have the PRCA congregations take collections to subsidize the books, so that they could be sold at reduced prices to the churches and contacts here in the Philippines.  Because of the generosity of the PRCA, we are now able to make this good Reformed literature available to God's people here.

The arrival of the first shipment of books

Nick and Deb willingly carried several extra cases full of books, when they came to visit, so that we wouldn't have any shipping costs.  Thanks Nick and Deb!

We soon got the books unpacked and ready for sales.

Nick and Deb also brought with them some used books from an individual in one of the congregations (see the bottom shelf above).  This proved to be a good avenue for these used books - most of them have sold already!

In the first week of sales, we sold about 45 books!  The people here are thrilled to have these books available at prices they can afford.

The shelf after the initial sales - considerably emptier

Some of the first orders

* Oversight of PRCA Philippines Mission Work (1)

There are two bodies that oversee the mission work of the Protestant Reformed Churches in the Philippines.  The first is Doon Protestant Reformed Church in Doon, IA.  They are the ones who, on behalf of our denomination, called the two missionaries to the mission field.  The missionaries and their families are members of Doon PRC and are under the supervision of Doon's Consistory.
Doon Protestant Reformed Church

Rev. David Overway, pastor of Doon PRC

The second body is the Foreign Mission Committee, a committee of the PRCA and made up of men from the Iowa, Minnesota and South Dakota churches.

The Foreign Mission Committee
Back Row: Glen Kooima, Don Ver Meer, Andy Brummel, Ike Uittenboogard, Rev. J. Laning
Front Row: Rev. D. Overway, Rev. A Brummel, Gerald Brummel, Alan Van Bemmel

Notice the bulletin board behind the men!  It's set up in Hull PRC.

Rev. Smit and Rev. Kleyn meet with both of these bodies at their monthly meetings via Skype.  This helps the communication and work go smoothly.

Rev. D. Kleyn in a skype meeting