* Annual Delegation in February 2018 (#3)

On their 2nd Sunday here, the delegation split up. 
Rev. Griess came to Maranatha PRC with us, and the Van Egdoms went to the PRC in Bulacan with the Smits. 

Rev. Griess and Rev. Kleyn each preached once in Maranatha PRC.  The men also attended the Consistory meeting after lunch.

Talking beforehand with Rev. Trinidad.

Enjoying a Filipine mango over lunch.

Rev. Smit preached in the PRC Bulacan and the men met
with the consistory in the afternoon.  

(Photo credit goes to Tricia Smit)

Monday was the Classis meeting of the PRCP which the delegation was also able to attend. 

Classis in session

Photo of the PRCA delegation with the Classis delegates and missionaries.

We are thankful for the help and encouragements that the delegation gave us and the saints here, and for the loving care our PRCA denomination shows through such visits.  We're also glad to hear that they all returned home safely again.