* Trip to Albuera, Leyte, August 2018: The PRFA Members

The sign advertising the worship services

Geliza, BJ, and Gia, in order of age
Take picture and videos of them on your phone, show them,
and you make friends fast.  :-)

Bro Joel, Sis Malin and their three children.  They live next door to the church building and came over in the evenings to visit.

These teenage members of the church came by a couple of times to visit as well.

And Sunday evening Rica and BJ came for a while to visit and to practice their English.

Sitting and relaxing on Saturday, by the house

Getting organized

Sunday was the highlight of the trip.  
Meeting and worshipping with God's people is a precious blessing.

Getting ready for worship

Singing the Psalter in Tagalog

After the first service there was time for a picture
 and for some getting-to-know-you time.

Going home again after the services

Monday morning these two cuties came again
-- to say good-bye on their way to school.  

Tacloban, Leyte is where General Douglas MacArthur fulfilled
his promise to return to the Philippines during World War II.  
There is a memorial there in honor of the occasion, which we
had some time to check out on the way home.

It was a blessing to experience the fellowship with our fellow believers in Albuera and the truth of the Apostles' Creed when it states, "I believe one, holy catholic [universal] church."