* New Work in Marikina, Manila

In the past few months, with the approval of Doon and the FMC, the missionaries have been visiting and speaking every Thursday evening in the Provident Christian Church in Marikina, Manila.  We came into contact with this church through one of the pastors who attends the twice-monthly meetings of 7M (Metro Manila Monthly Monday Morning Ministers' Meeting).  The PCC is located about 12 miles from where we live (30 to 45 minutes travel time).  The church is not brand new to the Reformed faith, but has a keen interest in growing in their understanding of the truth.  Striking is how eagerly they have embraced and expressed their comfort in the knowledge of the absolute sovereignty of God.  The members have warmly welcomed us into their fellowship, and are eager for us to continue working in their midst.

Some of the Members of Provident Christian Church

Initially the PCC asked the missionaries to speak on a variety of topics.  Rev. Smit gave 4 speeches on "Particular Grace" (over against the error of "Common Grace"), and Rev. Kleyn spoke on "What is a Reformed Church?", followed by two speeches on "Is God Sovereign Over Evils?"

Rev. Smit speaking on "Particular Grace"
The Q&A Session after the Speech

Rev. Kleyn will now be teaching Reformed Doctrine each Thursday evening from 7:00 until 9:00, Lord willing.  He began his class this past Thursday (February 7).

Rev. Kleyn using Powerpoint for his Reformed Doctrine Class
Some of the PCC members this past Thursday
The Consistory of the PCC has also asked that we preach for them on Sundays - at least once a month, but more often if possible.  This request comes especially in light of the fact that the congregation is currently vacant.  We hope to fit this into our schedule whenever possible.  For the month of February, Rev. Kleyn plans to preach there on the 24th, the Lord willing.
We thank the Lord for this new opportunity to teach others of the truths that are dear to us.  May God be pleased to bless and prosper this work.