* Mission Internship of Sem. Matt Kortus

As you've seen from recent blogs on the mission trip to Leyte, Seminarian Matt Kortus (who will soon begin his 3rd year in seminary) and his wife, Sarah, are in the Philippines for an 8 week mini-internship in missions.  Sem. Kortus has been able to visit and do work in many of the groups besides Leyte.  Here is a brief summary of what he has been doing under the supervision of Rev.'s Kleyn and Holstege.

Sem. Kortus was able to worship and also speak a word of edification in the Maranatha PRC in Valenzuela (where Rev. Trinidad is the pastor - pictured above).

He has also been helping out with teaching catechism in Provident Christian Church ......

and has led the worship services there.

On July 17 and 18 we traveled to Sipalay City on the Island of Negros
for the pastors' classes there.

Sem. Kortus spoke on the errors of theistic evolution.

We have also enjoyed Matt and Sarah's interaction with our families.

A quick way to make friends with the Holstege children!

Our 4th of July celebration

Yes, Sem. Kortus is brave enough to drive here!

We also spent a Sunday with the saints in the PRC in Bulacan.

Getting ready to preach

Fellowship between services

Lunch with the Consistory

Outside the PRCB's church building

Sem. Kortus was also able to be a part of 7M for a day.

We have thoroughly enjoyed the company of Matt and Sarah, and are thankful for their willingness to come here, their eagerness to help, and their keen interest in our denomination's mission work.  May God bless them as they return home toward the end of August and as Matt takes up his seminary studies again in preparation for the gospel ministry, the Lord willing.

* A Few Items Of Interest

Driving from Holstege's house to ours one day, we came across someone's pet! 

This was just up the street from our house.  Let's hope they don't lose track of it!  ;-)

The back route to the airport from our house has deteriorated into a muddy mess.  They are working on the road.  Hopefully it's done soon!

The arrival of the rainy season has made the road much worse.

This guy had a heavy load.  Not sure how long it took to pull him out.

One day, coming up the hill to our house, the traffic was at a standstill.  People walking by told us that a RC Cola truck had lost part of its load. 

We turned around and found a place to park our car.  And then we walked home.

Within a couple hours they had it cleaned up and Rev. Kleyn could go and fetch our car.

* Visit to Leyte July 7-10: Home Visits and Worship

On Saturday (July 8), the men of the PRCP's Delegation along with the Steering Committee members of the PRFA visited with the families and individuals of the PRFA at their homes.  Brother Eric Mescallado and Rev. Kleyn visited some of the families together and Rev. Flores and Seminarian Matt Kortus visited the other half of the fellowship.

On Sunday, Bro. Eric Mescallado read a sermon for the first service.  Rev. Kleyn preached (mostly read) his sermon for the second service in Tagalog.

The group gathered for the church services. 

Brother Eric leading the first worship service

Rev. Flores greeting the congregation

Rev. Kleyn leading the second worship service

* Visit to Leyte July 7-10: Some Lighter Moments

Albuera is by the Ormoc Bay, part of the ocean waters between the islands of Leyte and Cebu.  The bay was just a short walk from where the men stayed.

Children from the fellowship

Albuera is surrounded by rice paddies. 
The next few pictures are of the surrounding countryside.

Walking among the rice paddies to visit some of the church members

The rice paddies are initially seeded by someone scattering the seed by hand.
When the plants are big enough, they are pulled.....

.....and replanted farther apart in rows, again by hand.

A carabao comes in handy for plowing the paddies.

They also use rototillers to work the ground in the paddies.

The paddies also provide a quiet place to read.

Laundry day!

Trying to copy the local skill of climbing coconut trees.
Notches are cut into the trunk at convenient intervals to make climbing easier.

Memorial to MacArthur's return to the Philippines in Tacloban 

* Visit to Leyte July 7-10: Lechon Baboy

While the delegation of men from the PRCP classis were in Leyte, they were treated to a special Filipino food, lechon baboy, or roasted pig. 

These pictures show the process from start to finish.

Selecting the pig

Slaughtering the pig

Getting the fire ready for the pig ...

... and getting the pig ready for the fire.

Cutting up the meat

Looks delicious ...

... and tastes delicious too!