* Visit of Rev. Holstege (2)

On Monday, January 18, we traveled to the island of Negros for our normal monthly visit there.  Both Rev. Kleyn and Rev. Holstege spoke Monday evening in Bacolod City for the Bible study there.  Rev. Kleyn gave a lesson in Essentials of Reformed Doctrine (Lesson 22, "Justification") and Rev. Holstege spoke on "Jesus Calming the Storm." (Matthew 8:23ff). 

Reading Matthew 8....

....and speaking.

Early Tuesday morning we headed to Sipalay, a 3.5 to 4 hour drive south.  Once again, both Rev. Kleyn and Rev. Holstege spoke for the pastors' classes there.  Rev. Kleyn spoke on the Church Order and ....

.... Rev. Holstege spoke on "The First Deacons" from Acts 6.

It looks like these men are the first deacons!  That wasn't the intent of the picture!  :-)

We arrived home on Wednesday.  On Thursday evening Rev. Holstege spoke for the Bible Study in Provident Christian Church.

The speech was on "Double Predestination in the Canons of Dordt."

Trike ride!

Sunday, January 24, we were scheduled for Provident Christian Church.  To help out Rev. Kleyn,  Rev. Holstege did the preaching.

On the way home, we stopped at the Berean PRC, so that Rev. Kleyn could talk some matters over with some of the office bearers there.  This also gave Rev. Holstege a chance to say some farewells to the members of BPRC.

We are thankful to Doon PRC and the FMC for sending these men to help out Rev. Kleyn in the absence of a second missionary.  They have done some preaching and teaching for him so that he is able to take care of some other work (classis committee work, writing, correspondence, etc.).  Our appreciation also goes to the consistories and congregations of the PRCA for their willingness to allow their pastors to provide this help to the missionary.

* Blessed New Year

We pray for a blessed New Year for all of our family and friends. 

"Oh God our help in ages past,
Our hope for years to come,
Our shelter from the stormy blast,
And our eternal home."

Psalter #247

* Visit of Rev. & Leah Holstege (1)

On Friday, January 8, Rev. Holstege and his wife, Leah, arrived in the Philippines.  Leah stayed for one week, and then had to return to care for their children.  But Rev. Holstege was able to stay for three Sundays (just over two weeks) to help with the work. 

Arrival in Manila at Ninoy Aquino International Airport

On Sunday, January 10, Rev. Holstege preached in the Berean PRC.  However we don't have any pictures, since we were not with him.  Rev. Kleyn preached in Provident Church that Sunday.

On Tuesday, January 12, Rev. Holstege spoke for one of the pastors' classes at 7M.  

He spoke on Matthew 24, "The Olivet Discourse."

Talking with their children via Skype

Trying balut (!) at the Bongats

Speaking at Provident's Thursday night study

Meryenda after the class

Sunset over Manila

Besides balut, they also had opportunity to try some other Filipino dishes.

Small deep fried crabs (still in the shell - crunchy and delicious)

Bottom left: Palaka (or frog)
Top: Chop Suey
Right: Seafood rice
Middle: Chicken

On Sunday, January 17, Rev. Holstege preached in the Maranatha PRC.

After both services, the congregation had a special dinner
for their annual day of thanksgiving.

Rev. Holstege sat in on Maranatha PRC's monthly consistory meeting that day.

* Miscellaneous Pics

Are these guys triplets?  ;-)

Mt. Arayat (one letter different from Ararat!)

Candaba Bird Santuary -- flooded right now

How many people and their luggage can you fit into one Toyota Revo?

The malls during the holidays -- everyone out spending their holiday money, perhaps

Fishing -- They would throw the net out and let the weights on the edges drag it to the bottom......

......and then walk around feeling with their feet for fish caught in the net.  Then pick out the fish and put them in the boat.

How many pairs of legs do you see?

Traffic, traffic, traffic

Balloons for sale!!