* Visit to Leyte July 7-10: Some Lighter Moments

Albuera is by the Ormoc Bay, part of the ocean waters between the islands of Leyte and Cebu.  The bay was just a short walk from where the men stayed.

Children from the fellowship

Albuera is surrounded by rice paddies. 
The next few pictures are of the surrounding countryside.

Walking among the rice paddies to visit some of the church members

The rice paddies are initially seeded by someone scattering the seed by hand.
When the plants are big enough, they are pulled.....

.....and replanted farther apart in rows, again by hand.

A carabao comes in handy for plowing the paddies.

They also use rototillers to work the ground in the paddies.

The paddies also provide a quiet place to read.

Laundry day!

Trying to copy the local skill of climbing coconut trees.
Notches are cut into the trunk at convenient intervals to make climbing easier.

Memorial to MacArthur's return to the Philippines in Tacloban 

* Visit to Leyte July 7-10: Lechon Baboy

While the delegation of men from the PRCP classis were in Leyte, they were treated to a special Filipino food, lechon baboy, or roasted pig. 

These pictures show the process from start to finish.

Selecting the pig

Slaughtering the pig

Getting the fire ready for the pig ...

... and getting the pig ready for the fire.

Cutting up the meat

Looks delicious ...

... and tastes delicious too!

* Visit to Leyte July 7-10: Food and Travel

The classis of the PRCP delegated Rev. Flores and Bro. Eric Mescallado, with Rev. Kleyn as advisor, to make an investigatory trip to the Protestant Reformed Fellowship in the town of Albuera on the island of Leyte.  Matt and Sarah Kortus are here this summer for a mini internship in missions, and Matt was able to travel with the men and thus to meet the people as well as to experience first hand the culture and work in the PRFA.  (By the way, Matt is soon to start his 3rd year of seminary.)

To get to Albuera and home again, the delegation had to use many modes of transportation.

Bus Ride from Airport Terminal to the Plane

Trike Ride from Tacloban Airport to the Van Depot

Jeepney Ride from Ormoc to Albuera

Bike ride from ??? to ???

Don't forget that legs are a mode of transportation too!

Van ride from Tacloban to Ormoc

Another Trike Ride

Plane Ride from Manila to Tacloban and back

They, especially Matt, got to enjoy the food of the province for the first time.

Supper at Bro. Felix and Sis. Norma's house

Fried Fish

Buko (young coconut)

Supper in the Dark
(On Thursday before they left Manila, there was an earthquake in the area.  The earthquake caused a landslide, which knocked out the power supply to much of the Island.  So the weekend was spent without electricity - no fans or lights.  I think power may be restored there soon.)

Another Meal Time - Breakfast before heading home

They also experienced a very special Filipino food, but that deserves a blog all by itself.  

Until next time...!

* Various Events

The Classis of the PRCP met on Monday, June 12.  Business was mostly routine. 
There were a few observers.

PRCP Classis in session

Rev. Ibe, president, Elder Sonny Umali, clerk

Some visiting during break

Group picture (minus the photographer)

On Saturday, June 3 a couple was married in Provident Christian Church. 
Rev. Holstege conducted the marriage ceremony.

Waiting for the bride to come in

Rev. Holstege addresses the couple, Jeff and Angie

The exchange of vows and rings

A few weeks ago we started attending His Name Language School for a refresher of Tagalog.  The school is run by a Christian lady and all the teachers are Christians.  They teach Tagalog to a lot of missionaries.  We have been enjoying the classes and hope and pray they are a tool for us to use the language more.

The school is on the main floor of a home.  Good use is made of a relatively small space, with a dining area that can also be used as a classroom, 2 small sitting areas.....

...and three areas closed off with white boards where the different tutors can sit with their students.

Questions and answers we had to match up.

* Bleyenberg's Visit - June 2017

Rev. and Deb Bleyenberg were here for 2 weeks.  Their visit was to help them determine the Lord's will regarding the call Rev. Bleyenberg had received to be a missionary here.  Although the Lord led him to decline the call, we are thankful for their visit, the fellowship we had with them, and their interest in the work.

Their first Sunday here, they were in the Berean PRC for the first service that morning.  (Sorry, no picture as we weren't there.)  They then came to Provident Christian Church, where Rev. Bleyenberg also preached.

Group photo

Rev. Bleyenberg also attended the steering committee meeting in PCC that day.
Clockwise: Rev. Bleyenberg, Bro. Jun Armas, Rev. Holstege, Bro Alex Dela Rosa, Bro. Mitch Suarez, Bro. Bien Montoya

View of the city and sunset from Cloud 9

Rev. and Deb also came with us to our Tagalog class and heard a lecture on "Language Learning."

Rev. Bleyenberg spoke for PCC's Wednesday night class (usually led by Rev. Holstege on the Canons of Dordt) on "How To Study the Bible."   The class was well attended, with several visitors present.

At the Antipolo Public Market

On a jeepney

At the Ibes to say hi.

Daranak Falls was a fun outing one afternoon.

The second Sunday of their visit Rev. Bleyenberg and Rev. Kleyn each preached once for the Protestant Reformed Church in Bulacan.

Lunch afterwards with some of the consistory members and some of their wives.

On Monday the Bleyenbergs, Rev. Holstege, and Rev. Kleyn traveled to Sipalay on Negros Island.  There was a pastors' fellowship there on Monday night and pastors' classes on Tuesday.  

May God bless the work that was done for the gathering of His church
and the glory of His name.