* Fauna, Food and Filipinos

Here are a few pictures we thought you might enjoy.

First some FAUNA
This lizard fell from a tree just outside our gate.  He must have been a bit stunned, because he sat there for quite a while, giving us a chance to take his picture.

This pair of bulbuls must be building their nest close by. 
They love to sit in the grills of our windows.

A snake on the road nearby.

A crab we found on the seashore

Next, some FOOD

Some sort of shell fish cooked in a curry sauce. 
You had to suck the seafood out of the top of the shell.


And a couple pictures of fish

Notice the tomato and other veggies stuffed inside.

Beef and veggies stir fry.

And now some skilled FILIPINOS

A waiter showing his skills at a wedding we recently attended.

Some boys playing on their stilts


* Some Interesting Pictures

We thought you might enjoy a few interesting pictures from the last few weeks.

Some eels.  Someone will have a delicious supper! 

I bet none of you ever thought of carrying your goat this way!

Getting a free (?) ride!

It's always good to see a smiling face.

Every part of the animal imaginable!

Root plants -- gabi and yams? -- sold at the local market.