* Conference in San Pedro -- March 25, 2016

(Because of the arrival of Spriensmas in the evening of March 25, the blog for this conference has been delayed until now.) 

Rev. Kleyn has had a contact, Ray Rodriquez for several years now.  Ray requested Rev. Kleyn some time ago if he could speak in their church, the San Pedro CRC.  Finally, with the permission of Doon PRC, we were able to hold a conference for them on the Friday before Easter.  Bro. Ray set the theme of the conference and titles of the speeches and also asked us to bring along some books to sell. 

The book table was busy right from the start.
We sold 65 books!

There was a nice size group of young people in attendance.

There were also some men attending who were from a Presbyterian Church nearby.

Talking with one of the young people.

Bro. Ray making some announcements.

Elder Bong also addressing the attendees.

Rev. Kleyn first gave a presentation on the mission work of the PRCA in the Philippines.

The first speech was on Common Grace vs. Particular Grace.

They served us a delicious lunch of chicken, rice and a shrimp soup.

The second speech was on "God's Eternal Decree of Predestination."

We enjoyed meeting the people and having some time to get to know them.

The third speech was titled "Objections to Predestination."

And there was time for a group photo at the end.

May God bless the word that was spoken on that day that it may bear the fruit He has ordained.

* Youth Conference Singing

Here first is a picture of the audience, and then a short video clip of the conference attendees singing Psalter #278.  (For those who receive this via email, you will perhaps need to go to the blog itself to watch the video.)

* Youth Conference 2016

On Saturday, April 9 (a holiday), a Youth Conference was held, organized by Bulacan PRC.  Maranatha PRC graciously hosted the meeting in their building.  The topic was "Biblical Courtship and Marriage," with three speeches.

 The Organizers and Speakers:
Andy Ragual, Rev. Flores, Rev. Ibe, Jeremiah Pascual, Rev. Kleyn

Rev. Trinidad making the opening comments and prayer.

Picture of the audience

At the request of the young people, we had a book table, marking down some of the books to an even more affordable price for the youth.
The book table was busy all day long.

My efficient helper, Ghen Ragual.  

Rev. Kleyn spoke on "Defining Biblical Courtship"....

....and answered questions afterwards.

Some attendees from Provident Christian Church.

We sold 150 books throughout the course of the day!

Rev. Ibe spoke on "Proper Behavior When Dating"......

....and answered questions.

A group from Berea Baptist Church.

Lunch time!

Rev. Flores spoke on the topic, "Using Dating as Preparation for Marriage" and also answered questions regarding his topic.

After the 3rd speech there was a time for more questions with all 3 speakers taking part. 
Rev. Spriensma was also asked to join in.

Fellowship -- some men from Tondo, Manila (mission work of the Bereans) talking to an elder from the PRC in Bulacan.

Groups shot of all the attendees and speakers.

Rev. Spriensma gave some closing comments.
"Continue thou in the things which thou hast learned."

Each of the three speakers was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation.

Most of the young people attendees along with the pastors.

Each of the young people was allowed to choose one free book at the end of the day.

* Spriensmas' Visit (2)

On Saturday, April 2, we were invited to the Umali's home.  Bother Sonny and Sister Luz are members of the Berean PRC. 
Brother Sonny and Sister Luz belong to Berean PRC.

Sunday, April 3, we attended Maranatha PRC.

Rev. Trinidad, Rev. Spriensma, Rev. Kleyn

Rev. Spriensma preached for both of the worship services.

A picture with a few of us afterwards.

Sunday, April 10, we attended Provident Christian Church and Rev. Spriensma preached.

Some of the little girls.

Lunch and fellowship after worship.

There is another event the Spriensmas were involved in, but that is the topic of another blog.  As of the writing of this blog, they are on the plane returning to their life and work in Michigan.  We pray the Lord gives them safe travels, according to His will.

We, along with all the saints here, very much enjoyed our time with the Spriensmas.  We thank them for their visit and for the valuable help with the work.  Hopefully the readjustment to the snow and cold in Michigan goes fine for them.  :-) 

* Spriensmas' Visit (1)

Rev. and Mrs. Spriensma arrived on Friday, March 25.  They plan to be here for three Sundays (just over 2 weeks) to help Rev. Kleyn with the work.  Since they lived here for 5 years (2002-2007) their visit is a little different than the ones we've had in the past.  They have enjoyed seeing all the changes in the city of Manila, the roads, the malls, etc.  But they have especially enjoyed spending time meeting old friends and seeing the progress in the mission work.

Arrival at the airport
Elder Eric Mescallado was also present to greet and welcome them

March 27, their first Sunday here, Rev. Spriensma preached twice in the Berean PRC, which was the congregation where he concentrated his labors during the 5 years he was missionary here.

The Berean PRC outside their place of worship

Meeting the newest member of the Berean PRC

Monday, March 28, we left for Bacolod City on the island of Negros.  Rev. Spriensma spoke on Matthew 12:48-50 -- "The Church as the Family of Jesus."  Rev. Kleyn did Essentials, Lesson 24 on "The Church as the Body of the Elect." 

Evening classes in Bacolod City

Tuesday morning we left Bacolod City bright and early for the 4 hour drive down to Sipalay for classes with the pastors there. 

Our favorite spot to stop and stretch

Rev. Kleyn spoke on Old Testament types.

Rev. Spriensma used two miracles from the life of Elisha to demonstrate what Rev. Kleyn taught in the first class.

We flew back home from Bacolod on Wednesday.  Thursday evening, March 31 we held the class in Provident Christian Church.  Rev. Kleyn is teaching the Belgic Confession, but we took a break from our normal lessons and Rev. Spriensma instead spoke on "The Antithesis."

Lecture on the Antithesis from II Kings 3

Some questions and discussion afterwards

[More to come later!]