* Conference in San Pedro -- March 25, 2016

(Because of the arrival of Spriensmas in the evening of March 25, the blog for this conference has been delayed until now.) 

Rev. Kleyn has had a contact, Ray Rodriquez for several years now.  Ray requested Rev. Kleyn some time ago if he could speak in their church, the San Pedro CRC.  Finally, with the permission of Doon PRC, we were able to hold a conference for them on the Friday before Easter.  Bro. Ray set the theme of the conference and titles of the speeches and also asked us to bring along some books to sell. 

The book table was busy right from the start.
We sold 65 books!

There was a nice size group of young people in attendance.

There were also some men attending who were from a Presbyterian Church nearby.

Talking with one of the young people.

Bro. Ray making some announcements.

Elder Bong also addressing the attendees.

Rev. Kleyn first gave a presentation on the mission work of the PRCA in the Philippines.

The first speech was on Common Grace vs. Particular Grace.

They served us a delicious lunch of chicken, rice and a shrimp soup.

The second speech was on "God's Eternal Decree of Predestination."

We enjoyed meeting the people and having some time to get to know them.

The third speech was titled "Objections to Predestination."

And there was time for a group photo at the end.

May God bless the word that was spoken on that day that it may bear the fruit He has ordained.

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  1. We're very thankful you were able to take this opportunity! We continue to pray for you and your work.