* Psalter Singing in Tagalog

While the delegation was here, we visited the Protestant Reformed Church in Bulacan on Sunday, July 5 and were favored with the singing of two Psalters numbers (#134 and #197) in Tagalog.  The delegation thoroughly enjoyed this!  Here are two video clips of the singing.

PSALTER # 134 sung by the Congregation

PSALTER #197 sung by the Young People
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* Delegation Visit 2015 (7)

The SNO pastors' classes in Sipalay are held in a venue that is just across the road from the beach.  The land-locked Iowans could hardly wait to put their feet in the sea.  After classes and lunch were finished, we spent an enjoyable hour wading, exploring and feeling the ocean waves and breezes.

The Regneruses ..... before some of them got wet!

The Brummels

Can't remember what we were inspecting here -- probably some shells and/or stones

I think the Brummels were missing their children!

A weight lifting competition??

We took the inland route through the mountains back to Bacolod City, so that our visitors could see more of the beautiful countryside.

These pieces of sugar cane will get planted to start a new crop.

Some school children out to play

See the grains of rice growing on the plants?

On top of the world

So nice of Manila airport to welcome the delegation back to the city.  ;-)

Elder Regnerus wanted to buy one of these and bring it back home.  ;-)

Packed in with all the baggage and heading off to the airport and then home.

One last shot before they left.

Many thanks to Doon PRC and the FMC for sending the delegation.  We were much encouraged and blessed by their visit.  We are thankful to God for your oversight and input on the work here, which also shows the support of the PRCA for the Philippine's mission field.

"God be with you till we meet again." 


* Delegation Visit 2015 (6)

On Monday, July 6, we had to leave home bright and early so we could get to the airport for our Bacolod flight before 7:00 a.m.  Our car (according to its license plate) is not allowed in the city on Mondays.  In order to limit traffic on the crowded roads, every vehicle in Manila has one day each week when it's not allowed on the road.  Our flight for Bacolod left about 9:30 a.m., and we arrived in Bacolod before noon.

Checking in

Bible study with the group in Bacolod starts at 5:00 p.m.

All ready to start

Visiting over the food afterwards

Tuesday morning was another early morning.  We left our hotel at 5:00 a.m. for the drive down to Sipalay.  The SNO pastor classes in Sipalay start at 9:00 a.m.  We do enjoy watching the sunrise on this early morning drive down the west coast of the island of Negros.

The sunrise is reflected in the clouds to our west.  Fishing boats in harbor for now.

Eating our Filipino breakfast on the way
(rice, fish, sausages, bananas)

Another gorgeous view

After Rev. Kleyn's class in Reformed Church Order, Rev. Brummel lectured to the SNO men on "John Calvin's Relevance For Today."

Elder Regnerus extending greetings from Doon PRC

All of the men who attended

More questions.....

One more blog to follow on the delegation visit!

* Delegation Visit 2015 (5)

On Sunday, July 5, we and the delegation attended both the PRC in Bulacan as well as Maranatha PRC in Valenzuela.  (Seminarian Regnerus spoke a Word of Edification for both services in the Berean PRC that day.  We dropped him off on our way to the PRC in Bulacan.)

The congregation in Bulacan

Rev. Brummel preached and also gave greetings from the Foreign Mission Committee.

Elder Regnerus also brought greetings from Doon PRC.

Some time to get to know some of the members

The consistory with the delegation

The young people sang the doxology (Ps. 197) in Tagalog for the delegation.

Soon we had to leave for Maranatha PRC.  We had some frustrations with heavy and stopped traffic and arrived there a little late.

Rev. Brummel again preached and passed on greetings from the FMC.

Greetings were given from Doon PRC, too.

Maranatha congregation

Some time for visiting and pictures

Maranatha consistory with the delegates

The Trinidad family served us a tasty lunch

Look for the next installment soon.

* Delegation Visit 2015 (4)

After an early supper at the Bongats on Thursday, we headed to Provident Christian Church.  Rev. Brummel spoke for their Thursday night meeting on Galatians 5:1, "Standing Fast in Liberty."

Rev. Brummel, Pastor Failano, Bro. Bien Montoya

Visiting with Ann Montoya

On Friday night, Rev. and Sis Melody Ibe invited us for supper at their place.

Enjoying each other's company

Group shot

The Umalis (Berean PRC) invited us over for lunch on Saturday.

Lots of delicious food....

...and good conversation

Group shot

And a few fun shots

A lovely spider we saw on an evening walk.

Yes! We got Rev. Brummel to drive ..... just one time!

Good times in the car