* Delegation Visit 2015 (1)

The annual delegation from Doon PRC and the Foreign Mission Committee arrived about a week ago on Thursday, June 25.  We were happy to welcome them here, and Stephan was glad to see his parents as well.

Left to right:
Stephan Regnerus in the back.  Delegation: Crysta Brummel, Rev. A. Brummel, Elder Jim Regnerus, Brenda Regnerus, Sharon Kleyn.

We managed to fit all of us, plus the luggage in our car.  Poor Stephan got stuck in the back with all the bags. :-)

A tricycle ride into Antipolo was one of the first things on the agenda.

Looking out over Manila

A walk in the neighborhood

Checking out the fresh fish at the supermarket

Cleaning the shrimp that we bought.

Rev. Kleyn and Brummel both had to try some weightlifting.

Sunset at Manila Bay, taken from the Mall of Asia

Talking to the daughters/sisters left behind in America

One of the mandates for the delegation was that they mop the Kleyn's floors.  ;-)
Jim had fun trying out the turbo mop.

This was a blog on some of the fun things we've done since the delegation has arrived.  The next few blogs will prove that they also have been doing some work, as well as visiting with some of the saints here.  :)

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