* Delegation Visit 2015 (3)

On Monday, June 29, we met Rev. and Sis. Roseann Flores at a mall for lunch and fellowship.

Lunch at Jollibee

The mall had a beautiful "green" area, where we could walk and talk and take a few pictures.

The ladies and.....

the men

On our way home from there we stopped by the Andreses in Batasan Hills.

We were in time to see KC Adduru (from Berean PRC) leaving after having finished his homework assignment.

It was nice to have an informal visit with Pastor and Sis. Fe Andres

Tuesday, the 30th of June, 7M was held at Provident Christian Church.  Rev. Kleyn led a class on catechetics using Prof. Gritter's lecture from the PR seminary.  Rev. Brummel also spoke.

Rev. Brummel speaking on "Endurance in the Ministry" from II Timothy 2:4-6

Lunch together afterwards

On Thursday, July 2, we were all invited for a meal to Brother Rod and Sis. Beverly Bongat's house.

Delicious food and good fellowship

More to follow.........

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