* Manny, Mangos, and Miscellanea

Probably everyone in America heard of the boxing match between the Filipino hero Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather.  The fight was on Saturday night in America, so Sunday morning here.  On our way home from church in the PRC in Bulacan we passed a "watching party."  Filipinos are usually eager and determined to see the fight - braving the rain and standing on whatever is available to get a view. 

And even though Manny lost this time, he is still the hero here!

Recently, our landlady and neighbor to the north, Flor Enriquez, had us over with some of the other people who previously rented this house from her. 

Tammy, myself, Flor, Joyce.  And in the front a friend of Flor. 
Tammy works for Wycliffe Bible Society and is our neighbor on the other side.  Joyce and her husband also work for Wycliffe, but now in India. 

The food we were served that afternoon. 
Pancit noodles, banana bread, suman (a sticky rice wrapped in banana leaves), mangos, bibingka (a rice cake), and limes (to squeeze on the noodles).

Our mango tree has produced a lot of mangos this year.  We were able to pick some of them by using a pole with a net and standing on the roof of our house.  But today a few guys were going around the neighborhood offering to pick for people.  They dared to climb way up into the tree to reach the ones that we weren't able. 

It was hard to get a picture of them both.  Can you find them?

A bucket tied to a rope and bamboo poles with a net on the end are the tools of the trade.


And the harvest!

Fruit stands along the street.  Now that's a lot of mangos! 

And no blog is complete without at least one traffic picture.  :-)