* Annual Delegation in February 2018 (#3)

On their 2nd Sunday here, the delegation split up. 
Rev. Griess came to Maranatha PRC with us, and the Van Egdoms went to the PRC in Bulacan with the Smits. 

Rev. Griess and Rev. Kleyn each preached once in Maranatha PRC.  The men also attended the Consistory meeting after lunch.

Talking beforehand with Rev. Trinidad.

Enjoying a Filipine mango over lunch.

Rev. Smit preached in the PRC Bulacan and the men met
with the consistory in the afternoon.  

(Photo credit goes to Tricia Smit)

Monday was the Classis meeting of the PRCP which the delegation was also able to attend. 

Classis in session

Photo of the PRCA delegation with the Classis delegates and missionaries.

We are thankful for the help and encouragements that the delegation gave us and the saints here, and for the loving care our PRCA denomination shows through such visits.  We're also glad to hear that they all returned home safely again.

* Annual Delegation in February 2018 (#2)

In amongst the work while the delegation was here, we did have time for some more lighthearted activities.

Both of the men were brave enough to try their hand
at driving in Manila traffic!

They both look rather relaxed!

We were able to have several meals together in
each of the missionaries' houses. 
(Sorry, we forgot to take a picture at the Smit home.)

Lunch at Holsteges' one day.

Dinner all together one night at a Filipino Restaurant.  
Filipino food and a view of the city -- what more could you want?

Rev. Griess wanted to get the best view while driving down a busy street one night.

And of course, they had to have a jeepney ride!

Lots to see and smell and taste at the market!

Many "inner" parts of various animals.

Trying "buko" (young coconut) juice.

(More to Come)

* Annual Delegation in February 2018 (#1)

Usually once every year the consistory of Doon PRC and the Foreign Mission Committee (FMC) send a delegation of men to supervise the work in the Philippines, to visit the churches here, and to meet with the missionaries and their families.  This year Doon PRC sent Deacon Joel Van Egdom
and the FMC sent Rev. Cory Griess. 
Joel's wife Michelle was also able to come.


Due to mechanical problems with the plane in Japan, they were "only" 14 hours late!
They arrived Saturday around noon, instead of Friday evening.

It didn't take long for those winter sweaters to come off!

 Sunday it was up and at 'em already.  The men were able to attend both the Berean PRC (sorry, we didn't get any pictures) and Provident Christian Church, with Rev. Griess preaching once in each church.

Meeting with the Steering Committee of Provident.

That evening everyone came to our place for supper. 
We also did some singing - a nice way to end the Sabbath.

Those of you who know the Lims from CERC in Singapore will see their familiar faces.  They were visiting that same weekend and were able to join us for Sunday worship and for supper.

No time for rest!  Monday morning we had to be up before the sun for the monthly trip to Negros.

Just a few people at the airport waiting for flights!

Once we landed in Bacolod City, we picked up the rental car and drove south to Sipalay.

A stop along the way where the men could try out their tree-climbing skills!

Let's just say that the locals who stopped by to show us
how it was done were much more adept at it!
Although Rev. Griess looks pretty good here.  ;-)

We also stopped at Pastor Rosal's church on our way past.

Tuesday we had the monthly classes with 12
pastors and elders in attendance.

The classes on Tuesday were well attended.
Rev. Kleyn finished off lectures on the Church Order and
Rev. Smit spoke about Calvin's doctrine of the covenant.
The men were excited to welcome Rev. Smit back again!

Coffee time

After returning to Bacolod City Tuesday night,
we had time for a walk along the streets.

Roasted Chicken anyone?

We hired a trike to take us back to the hotel.

More to come later.....