* Trip to Negros Occidental

On our recent trip to the island of Negros for classes in Bacolod and Sipalay, we took a drive into the country side around Bacolod City.  Rev. Kleyn's parents were with us on this trip and could enjoy the sights as well.
Harvested Sugar cane and some yet to be harvested.
We took a track through the sugar cane fields and came upon this beautiful valley.
Oops!  This truck somehow ended up in the ditch. A whole crew of men was unloading all the sugar cane, so the truck could be pulled out.
While most of the crew were unloading, a few others prepared lunch just across the road.  Notice the chicken!
How many animals can you find?
Fellowship time after classes in Bacolod
Classes in Sipalay.
Reformed Church Government taught by Rev. Kleyn and Anthropology taught by Prof. Cammenga.  (No Prof. isn't in the Philippines.  Just videos of his Dogmatics class. :-))
On the drive back to Bacolod City, instead of taking the shorter coastal route, we decided to take a road that loops through the mountains.  We all really enjoyed seeing the views and the life of the country people along the way.
Some children out for a ride.
Coconut out to dry.....
 and corn.....
and tobacco.
Sweeping the road after construction
A beautiful vista
Once back in Bacolod, we had some time to kill before we needed to go to the airport.  We decided to tour "The Ruins," a historical site we have noticed before, but never stopped to see.
The house was built by a wealthy landowner.  During WWII it was burned to keep the Japanese from using it as a headquarters, but the main structure survived the fire.  There were beautiful grounds surrounding it as well.
Before you scroll to the next picture see if you can figure out what this is.
We enjoyed a delicious drink on a hot day.

* Odds and Ends

We finally received our long-awaited book shipment!  After selling so many books at the December conference, our book shelf is jam packed once again.

We thought this was an interesting bike. 
Check out the extra seat, handlebars, and foot rests.  :-)

We had a recent day of fellowship with the Bereans.

Basketball -- the all popular sport!

Some of us non-basket ballers played volleyball instead.

A beautiful sky.

Rev. Kleyn's parents arrived about 2 weeks ago.
They return home this week.

 "Kmart" in the Philippines!

Buying some fiberfill (batting) at the Taytay market.

A vehicle loaded with veggies from the province.

A couple pictures for the electricians out there.