* Second Annual Combined Outing - Part 4

One more blog on the outing with some candid shots from the day.



Those who came from Christian Faith Ministries in Batasan Hills



A picture of...?

Ah.  That's better!  :-)

We look forward to next year, Lord willing!

* Second Annual Combined Outing - Part 3

No outing is complete without games, right?  Here are a few we enjoyed.  First there were some informal chicken fights, "basketball", and "football" in the pools.

Chicken fights
(Notice that someone has an unfair advantage - he was able to stand in the deep end!)

Football!  Thrown .....

.... and caught!

A crazy but fun form of pool basketball played (this time) with a football.
The hoops were two spots on the sides of the pool, and that was pretty much the only rule (it seemed).  Any way you could get it there was fair play.

There were also some organized games: "ping pong", bring me, and a relay race (which unfortunately we didn't get any pictures of).

Bounce the ping pong ball into the container -
enjoyed by young and old alike

Bring me ......


..... an orange balloon.

We had a day of good fun and fellowship!

* Second Annual Combined Outing - Part 2

Food is a big part of every outing, whether in America, the Philippines, or anywhere else.  So we're going to try to give you a little "taste" of the food that we enjoyed at the outing.

Many varieties of mangos grow in the Philippines.  One of them is the green mango.  You peel and eat it when it's still crunchy and green.  The taste is a little bit sour.

Green Mango with salt spiced up with some chopped chilis.

Or if you prefer, you can dip it in shrimp paste. 

We also had the green mangos chopped up and mixed in a kind of fresh salsa with tomato and onion.  Yum!

Chopping some veggies for tacos.
The girls also fried some thin wraps for the shells.

Grilling tilapia and pork chops.

Lots of choices - spaghetti, fish, pork menudo, gabi, green mango salsa ... and more!

Someone's selections.

Pork Adobo

The aftermath.

Snack time!  Pancit is a famous Filipino merienda (snack).

We hope you enjoyed your food tour.  To really taste all the delectable dishes you'll have to come and visit!

Next time:  Part 3 - The Games.

* Second Annual Combined Outing - Part 1

Since Thursday of the week before Easter is a public holiday here, that day works well for the annual combined outing of the various groups.  This year the outing was at the Cattleya Resort in Antipolo.  The resort had two pools, an eating area with tables and chairs for a hundred or so people, and places to do some cooking.  All in all it served our purposes well.

First Reformed of Bulacan arriving. 
The jeepney driver asked them to walk the last stretch down the steep hill to the resort.

Christian Faith Ministries' attendees.

Time for fellowship......

fun in the pool.....

and devotions.
(Videoke machines have more than one use!  :-))

Stay tuned for Part 2!