* Second Annual Combined Outing - Part 2

Food is a big part of every outing, whether in America, the Philippines, or anywhere else.  So we're going to try to give you a little "taste" of the food that we enjoyed at the outing.

Many varieties of mangos grow in the Philippines.  One of them is the green mango.  You peel and eat it when it's still crunchy and green.  The taste is a little bit sour.

Green Mango with salt spiced up with some chopped chilis.

Or if you prefer, you can dip it in shrimp paste. 

We also had the green mangos chopped up and mixed in a kind of fresh salsa with tomato and onion.  Yum!

Chopping some veggies for tacos.
The girls also fried some thin wraps for the shells.

Grilling tilapia and pork chops.

Lots of choices - spaghetti, fish, pork menudo, gabi, green mango salsa ... and more!

Someone's selections.

Pork Adobo

The aftermath.

Snack time!  Pancit is a famous Filipino merienda (snack).

We hope you enjoyed your food tour.  To really taste all the delectable dishes you'll have to come and visit!

Next time:  Part 3 - The Games.

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  1. I'll take a plate of tilapia and mango salsa, please!