* Reformed Bookshelf

Just recently, through the Smits return from their furlough and through a shipment of boxes, we received another stock of books and pamphlets for our bookshelf.

Some of our newest books

Our newest pamphlets

Sales have been humming.  In the first week we have sold 70 books, with more orders pending.

A pastor who received the booklist wrote: "You have a good offer list of Reformed books for the church to be strengthened in the Reformed faith.  I will tell ... about these.  He needs Reformed books for himself in Bible study and for the church also."

And another wrote: "I informed ... that I'm looking for a bookshop where I can purchase good books (at a lower price), particularly books of Reformed conviction. He initially gave me this list of books of which I am interested to purchase for my personal copy and for our church library. This means 2 copies for each [of the following 12] title.  ... I will appreciate it very much if you can send me list of other books that are available now for sale."

And a pastor who recently received his order wrote: "I am very glad to have these precious books. These will be a great help in my church work, ... Thanks be to GOD and to you for sending these books."

We add our sincere thanks to the PRC for their generous support of this worthwhile cause!