* Rev. Holstege's Visit

Rev. Holstege visited the Philippines from October 8-18 to become more familiar with the work and the field and also to begin some preparations for his and his family's move.  He was also able to take part in some of the work.

He preached in Provident Christian Church for one of the worship services on both of the Sundays he was here.  He was going to preach in the Berean Church this past Sunday, but their services were cancelled due to the possibility of flooding because of a typhoon passing through.

Lunch at Provident

He also spoke at the 7M meeting -- the pastors' classes held here in Manila.

From left to right:
Rev. Daniel Kleyn, Pastor Ronald Failano, Pastor Teddy Quirante, Rev. Daniel Holstege, Pastor Ace Flores, Brother Alex Dela Rosa, Brother Bien Montoya, Brother Mitch Suarez,
Brother Jun Armas, Rev. Leovy Trinidad

Rev. Holstege was also able to experience a lot of Filipino life and culture.


(The two missionaries took the train one day to the Christian Missionary Service in downtown Manila in order to inquire about immigration for Rev. Holstege and his family.) 

Waiting in line to buy tickets at the train station!

Riding the train!

Seeing some of the sights! 
(Manila Bay.....

.....and Rizal Park)

Jet lag!

Filipino food!

We had Provident church members come to our house for lunch on Sunday after the worship services.


(Kids playing games)

(Sisters Peachy, Alice, Lolita, and Muriel (in back))

(Brothers Joey, Jun and Mitch)

(The ladies helping me get lunch ready.)
(Sisters Peachy, Rowena, Sharon, Lolita, and Ann)

(Waiting for lunch to be ready)

(Serving lunch)

(Singing some Psalters)

(Saying farewell)

Enjoying Filipino heat!

* Flowers (Mga Bulaklak) 2

There are so many orchids here!  In all colors and varieties.

Taking a cat nap.  :-)

In my hand to show the size of the blossom.

Here's an interesting one!

For, lo, the winter is past, the rain is over and gone;
The flowers appear on the earth;"
(Song of Solomon 2:11-12)