* Delegation Visit (2)

On Tuesday, October 30, a day trip was arranged to the All of Grace Protestant Reformed Fellowship in Gabaldon, Nueva Ecija.  Five of us took the trip - Rev. Overway, Elder Ike Uittenbogaard, Elder Rod Bongat, Deacon Dick Espiritu, and myself.  We left early (5:30 am), and returned late (8:20 pm).  The highlight of the day was lunch and fellowship with the members of the AGPRF.  But we were busy with various other activities too, including a trip to Bro. Lando's mango orchard.  We'll let the pictures tell the story.

A short break on the way near Fort Magsaysay.

Arrival - at 10:30 a.m.

Heading off to see Bro. Lando's Mango trees.

Santor River - How do we cross?

Arranging a raft - for 8 people!

Will we make it?
Yes, safely across!
Next stage of the journey was a trike ride - 8 of us on 3 trikes.

Sinking in sand - those heavy Americans !
(The camera-man jumped off)

Another river crossing.

Watching us closely.

Some waded - some didn't.

Someone with a good amount of trust!

Time to return the borrowed flip-flops.

Bro. Lando's "bahay-kubo" (Nipa hut).

Bro. Lando climbing for some buko (coconut) juice.

Trying ..... and enjoying!

Why that facial expression?

Eating some of the coconut meat - "Masarap!"

No piggy-backing this time .... Where's the trust?
Made it .... and dry feet (unlike myself).
Lunch time.

Fun to see yourself.

Group picture before we head home again.

* Delegation Visit (1)

The delegation of Rev. David Overway (Doon PRC, IA) and Elder Ike Uittenbogaard (Calvary PRC, IA) arrived here safely this past Saturday evening.  They plan to be with us for about a week and a half.  Rev. Overway comes as a representative of the Doon PRC Council (our calling church), and Elder Uittenbogaard as a representative of the PRCA's Foreign Mission Committee.  Their visit is part of our denomination's oversight of our mission work here in the Philippines.  We are thankful to have them here, and also encouraged by this concrete evidence of the denomination's support for the work.

Arriving in Manila at NAIA Terminal #3

On Sunday morning, the delegates accompanied us to the Maranatha Reformed Church in Valenzuela.  This is a good hour's drive from home, and located in the northwest part of Manila.  The pastor there is Pastor Leovy Trinidad.

Meeting Pastor Trinidad before worship begins

Rev. Kleyn preached, and then we were able to gather for a group picture and to spend some time meeting the members - while having a cup of coffee and some snacks.

Group Picture in Valenzuela

Rev. Overway chatting with Pastor Trinidad

We left Valenzuela just before noon, and headed to the Berean PRC in Cubao.  It took us just under 45 minutes to get there, thus in plenty of time for their worship services (the first service begins at 1:00).  Rev. Overway preached for the first service (John 6:44-45), and Rev. Kleyn for the second (Lord's Day 31b).  Here the delegates were able to meet and visit with both familiar as well as new fellow saints.  (Fyi, this is Rev. Overway's 3rd visit to the Philippines, and Elder Uittenbogaard's 2nd.)

Visiting with Bro. Jun Villegas (while eating ...... again!)

..... and with Bro. Eric Mescallado

..... and with Bro. Ben Felix

..... and with Sis. Ghen and Bro. Andy

..... and with Pastor-elect Vernon Ibe

We look forward to their continued presence as well as their involvement in the work and activities of the upcoming week.  It should be an exciting and blessed week in the history of the churches and mission work here.  We'll keep you posted.

* Negros Occidental Visit (2)

On Thursday, October 11, we spoke at a one-day conference in Canturay.  This was organized by the contacts we have in the area.  Canturay is located about 1/2 hour south of Inayauan, and is where Pastor Ariel Labrador lives.  The conference was held in the church building there.  Rev. Smit and I each spoke twice, on the following topics:
"Reformed Worship"
"Family Worship"
"Infant Baptism"
"God's Sovereignty Over Evils"
Welcome Sign
Church Building in Canturay
Rev. Smit delivering his speech on "Infant Baptism"
Meryenda (snack) time, and fellowship
Speech regarding "Reformed Worship"
Attendees - approximately 20
Lunch - lots of delicious food.  Napakasarap!
Chatting about the speeches

Group Picture 

On Friday afternoon, we were also able to visit with some longtime contacts in Bacolod City - Rudy Corpus and Jay Nombre.  We have known these men since the 1990s, and visited with them on previous occasions.  It was good to renew this contact, and to hear of their continued and sincere interest in the Reformed faith and in the work we are doing and may be able to do, Lord willing, on the Island of Negros.

Visiting with Rudy Corpus and Jay Nombre in Bacolod City
We enjoyed and were greatly encouraged by our visit with these contacts in Inayauan and Bacolod.  We look forward to our continued work with them, and pray the Lord blesses and prospers the spread of His Word and truth in this part of the Philippines as well.

* Negros Occidental Visit (1)

Recently Rev. Smit and I visited our contacts in Negros Occidental (central Philippines).  We have been in touch with these churches and individuals for many years, and have visited them a number of times over the past three years.  We hope now to be able to make more frequent visits, the Lord willing.  This is something these contacts desire, the pastors being especially eager for regular instruction in Reformed Doctrine and Reformed Church Government.  Here, to begin with, are a few pictures of our travels and some of the scenery.

Waiting in Manila Airport

Sugarcane Field and Truck

More Sugarcane Trucks

Sugarcane Harvest in Full Swing

Egg Delivery 

This little boy (Daniel) was at the Conference,
and found something to occupy himself with for a while. 

Coastal Scenery - in Sipalay 

Banana Trees  

Rice Threshing  
Main Street of Inayauan (where Pastor Rosal lives) 
Pastor Rosal - one of our main contacts in Negros Occidental
Next time, Lord willing, we will post some pictures and information about our conference, which was held in Canturay.