* Negros Occidental Visit (1)

Recently Rev. Smit and I visited our contacts in Negros Occidental (central Philippines).  We have been in touch with these churches and individuals for many years, and have visited them a number of times over the past three years.  We hope now to be able to make more frequent visits, the Lord willing.  This is something these contacts desire, the pastors being especially eager for regular instruction in Reformed Doctrine and Reformed Church Government.  Here, to begin with, are a few pictures of our travels and some of the scenery.

Waiting in Manila Airport

Sugarcane Field and Truck

More Sugarcane Trucks

Sugarcane Harvest in Full Swing

Egg Delivery 

This little boy (Daniel) was at the Conference,
and found something to occupy himself with for a while. 

Coastal Scenery - in Sipalay 

Banana Trees  

Rice Threshing  
Main Street of Inayauan (where Pastor Rosal lives) 
Pastor Rosal - one of our main contacts in Negros Occidental
Next time, Lord willing, we will post some pictures and information about our conference, which was held in Canturay.

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