* Delegation Visit (2)

On Tuesday, October 30, a day trip was arranged to the All of Grace Protestant Reformed Fellowship in Gabaldon, Nueva Ecija.  Five of us took the trip - Rev. Overway, Elder Ike Uittenbogaard, Elder Rod Bongat, Deacon Dick Espiritu, and myself.  We left early (5:30 am), and returned late (8:20 pm).  The highlight of the day was lunch and fellowship with the members of the AGPRF.  But we were busy with various other activities too, including a trip to Bro. Lando's mango orchard.  We'll let the pictures tell the story.

A short break on the way near Fort Magsaysay.

Arrival - at 10:30 a.m.

Heading off to see Bro. Lando's Mango trees.

Santor River - How do we cross?

Arranging a raft - for 8 people!

Will we make it?
Yes, safely across!
Next stage of the journey was a trike ride - 8 of us on 3 trikes.

Sinking in sand - those heavy Americans !
(The camera-man jumped off)

Another river crossing.

Watching us closely.

Some waded - some didn't.

Someone with a good amount of trust!

Time to return the borrowed flip-flops.

Bro. Lando's "bahay-kubo" (Nipa hut).

Bro. Lando climbing for some buko (coconut) juice.

Trying ..... and enjoying!

Why that facial expression?

Eating some of the coconut meat - "Masarap!"

No piggy-backing this time .... Where's the trust?
Made it .... and dry feet (unlike myself).
Lunch time.

Fun to see yourself.

Group picture before we head home again.

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  1. Good thing the water was calm. It doesn't look like those rafts would handle waves well.