* Delegation Visit (3)

Wednesday was a quieter day (at least in the morning) - a good day for the delegates to catch their breath, and for some of us to get some work done in preparation especially for Thursday's Combined Consistory Meeting and Examination of Pastor-elect Vernon Ibe.  In the morning, we took a walk in the neighborhood and looked over the city of Manila.  In the afternoon, the delegates each attended one of the catechism classes that Rev. Smit and I teach, and then conducted family visitation.  In the evening, we all had supper together at our home.
At "second floor" in our neighborhood, overlooking Manila

Avid Flower Photographer
Supper at Kleyns
"What's that creature on my shoulder?"

On Thursday, as mentioned, we conducted Pastor-elect Ibe's examination.  Pastor-elect Ibe has accepted the call to serve as pastor of the Berean Protestant Reformed Church.  The combined consistories of the Berean PRC and the First Reformed Church of Bulacan, who are working together toward federation, conducted his exam.  They requested that Rev. Smit and I ask the questions.  After preaching a sermon in the morning on Romans 7:24-25, Pastor-elect Ibe was then examined according to the requirements of Article 4 of the Church Order, with 15 minutes allotted for each section of questions.

A Surprise Visitor from Singapore!

Rev. Van Overloop chats with Sharon

.... and with Tricia

Rev. Overway meets the men from the First Reformed Church of Bulacan
(Elder Reden Zuniega, Deacon Lito Trias, Pastor John Flores, Bro. Ronald Mercado)

Rev. Van Overloop, Elder Ike Uittenbogaard, Rev. D. Kleyn

Meeting the Ibes (MJ and Sis. Melody) who were the most surprised to see him

.... and Pastor-elect Ibe

Delegates chatting with Pastor-elect Ibe before his exam

Rev. Van Overloop and Pastor John Flores

Pastor-elect Ibe preaching his specimen sermon

Being examined in Theology by Rev. Kleyn

Rev. Overway brings greetings from Doon PRC and the FMC 
Lunch break in an Adjoining Room

Beef and Rice

Ike Eating Again

Coffee and a Chat before Supper

Supper at the Smit's House

Thursday was a busy and enjoyable day for us all, especially to have Pastor-elect Vernon Ibe successfully pass the examination so that the Berean PRC can now proceed to ordain and install him into office.  This will take place, the Lord willing, this evening (Friday).  We thank the Lord for this blessed gift of a man to serve as a minister of the Word and sacraments in the BPRC.  It was indeed good to have the presence of the delegates for this exam, and they considered it a privilege to witness this significant event in the history of the Berean PRC and of our denomination's mission work here in the Philippines.


  1. What a joy for the saints in the Philippines and for us in the states. May the Lord continue to be with Revs. Smit and Kleyn as they labor as our missionaries.

    G. Brummel

  2. Truly an overwhelming day, even as I sit here in Iowa just thinking about it....the goodness of the Lord-supplying men for His work, the missionaries dedication to their calling to further His kingdom, the delegates privileged to witness the historical work of the Lord first hand, and the joy of the saints. Wow, what a day!!! To God be the Glory!

  3. What a wonderful and blessed time for the church in the Philippines ~ to witness the examiniation, ordination and installation of their own minister. We pray God's blessing upon the Ibe's as they take up their work amoung the saints there and as you as missionaries continue to labor in their midst as well. Thanks be to God!

  4. With tears of joy I begin my Sabaath day here in Redlands. My heart is full with the goodness of the Lord in providing an "under shepherd" of the Great Shepherd to His flocks in the Philippines. The Lord is calling His people from all nations and I rejoice to think that someday we will all meet in glory and together we will sit before the throne of the Lamb that was slain and share in the blessed salvation that was purchased by Him for us. We pray that Rev. Ibe may be filled with eagerness and courage to bring God's word to his new flock and we also remember the missionaries who labor there because of their love for the Lord and for His gospel.