* Delegation Visit (7)

As mentioned on the last blog post, we still have one more event in the delegation visit to tell you about.  We were in the Berean PRC for their second service Sunday afternoon.  The delegates enjoyed their fellowship there very much and said their farewells.

Rev. Overway talking with some of the children
(two of whom have names similar to his daughter).

Elder Ike having a chat.

With the Berean PRC Consistory.

With some of the young people.

Elder Ike saying some parting words.

Presenting a thank you gift.
The gift for Rev. Overway.

Cakes as a farewell.

We are thankful for the fellowship and oversight of these men as they take interest in the work and get to know God's people here.  One day, farewells between God's people will no longer be necessary.  We look forward especially to that day!


  1. Rev. Overway's gift is pretty creative. Is it a picture, a poster, or a book?