* Exam of Pastor John Flores

Another significant event recently took place in the churches here in the Philippines.  Not too long ago (see our previous posts: Delegation Visit (3), (4) and (5)) we were able to share the happy news concerning the examination and ordination of Pastor Vernon Ibe.  This past Friday, November 30, Pastor John Flores, minister in the First Reformed Church of Bulacan also submitted to an oral examination by the Combined Consistories of the Berean Protestant Reformed Church and the First Reformed Church of Bulacan.  This exam was similar to a classical examination and was given according to Article 9 of the Church Order of Dordt (which has been adopted by both of the consistories).  The exam was hosted by and held in the building of the FRCB, with the FRCB ladies supplying the lunch and meriendas (snacks).

Rev. Kleyn, president of the combined consistories, opens the meeting with announcements and devotions.

Rev. Smit, secretary, takes minutes of the meeting.

Pastor Flores preaches his specimen sermon on John 6:44.
The audience - consisting of members of the FRCB, BPRC and other friends and relatives.
After preaching his specimen sermon, and after the decision of the Combined Consistories to approve the sermon, Pastor Flores was then examined orally for more than three hours.  The examination schedule was as follows, with 15 minutes allotted for each section:
Theology — Rev. Kleyn
Anthropology — Rev. Smit
Christology — Rev. Kleyn
Soteriology — Rev. Smit
Ecclesiology — Rev. Kleyn
Eschatology — Rev. Smit
Knowledge of Scripture — Rev. Smit
Knowledge of the Confessions — Rev. Kleyn
Controversy — Rev. Smit
Protestant Reformed Distinctives — Rev. Kleyn
Knowledge of the Church Order — Rev. Smit
Practica — Rev. Kleyn
Rev. Smit asks questions.

 Rev. Kleyn asks questions.
The members of both consistories had opportunity to ask follow-up questions as well.

Lunch time....

and time for fellowship.

Some of the younger attendees.

Announcement of the approved examination......

and presentation of the diploma.


As the pictures indicate, the Combined Consistories unanimously approved the examination of Pastor Flores.
Pastor Flores will continue to serve as a pastor of the First Reformed Church of Bulacan.  But through this examination, the way has been prepared for him to be recognized and serve as a minister in the future federation.  The work toward forming a federation of Protestant Reformed Churches is ongoing, but once that has been finalized, the Lord willing, Pastor Flores will have all the rights and privileges of a minister of the Word and sacraments in that federation (e.g., pulpit exchanges, mission work, etc.).
We thank the Lord for His answer to prayers in sustaining Pastor Flores through his examination, and for His blessing on the work here through this event.


  1. God is so gracious to His children. He is so faithful in sustaining His ministers. To God alone be the glory!

  2. Dear Jeremiah, please contact me through email - d.kleyn@prca.org Thanks and Lord's blessings to you. Rev. D. Kleyn

  3. It is a blessing to see the grace of God working in other countries. It is truly encouraging and comforting.

  4. I am siegfred Leorna from baybay city, leyte, Philippines. .I heard about your church from Norma montalban of albuera leyte. And i blessed. ..she talk to me about your doctrine and about pastor Flores. .. currently i am a salvation army member. .