* December Visitors (1)

December has been a month for visitors.  In early December we had some ladies from the CERC in Singapore stay with us for just over a week, although for 5 of those days they visited Baguio, a tourist town north of Manila.

Myself, Peng Lan, Kah Pik, Daisy, and Chek Siang

On their first Sunday here, we worshiped in the Protestant Reformed Church in Bulacan.

Waiting for Church to start.

Visiting afterwards.

Some fellowship at the Mercado house while the men were having a consistory meeting.

 Outside the Mercado home.

 There was also some time for fellowship in the Flores home.

 The second weekend that the four ladies were here, two men from the CERC in Singapore also came to visit - Brothers Ishu and Suan Kiat.

 That Sunday, we were in the Provident Christian Church in Marikina.

 Two of the ladies entertained some of the children for a while.

 And we had some fellowship at our home that Sunday evening.

 Also added to our visitors that weekend were some Kleyns from Australia.
(The Kleyns and the men from Singapore all stayed in nearby hotels.)
This is a picture of all of us. 

Now we look forward tonight to the arrival of Prof. and Mrs. Engelsma.
Prof. will be speaking at a conference here next week.
We hope to update you about that in our next blog.