* Visit of Sem. Stephan Regnerus (2)

Seminarian Stephan Regnerus has been able to visit three more churches/groups, as well as have some "cultural firsts."


We were in the Berean PRC on Sunday, June 14.
Stephan enjoyed visiting with the young men there.


One of his "cultural firsts" was visiting a wet market.

I think he likes the fish the best!

Eggs and oil for sale

Another first -- Eating at Jollibee (Filipino fast food place) and having garlic rice for breakfast.

First time seeing the ocean.  A beautiful view!

We left early Monday morning, June 15, to fly to Bacolod City for the Essentials class there and for the SNO Pastors' Classes in Sipalay.



First, Rev. Kleyn continued his classes in Reformed Church Order.  We then listened to Prof. Cammenga lecture (via video) on Anthropology - The First and Second Days of Creation.  Interestingly, Stephan had heard this lecture live just this past semester in seminary.

Lunch time and fellowship with the pastors.

He obviously enjoys driving here!

* Classis of the PRCP - June 12, 2015

Elder Sonny Umali (stated clerk), Elder Eric Mescallado, Rev. Kleyn, Rev. Ibe,
Rev. Flores, Elder Reden Zuniega, Deacon Eric Castano, Deacon Buboy Prosia

The Classis of the PRC in the Philippines met this past Friday, June 12 (a public holiday here).  The meeting was held in the PRC in Bulacan.  This was the 4th meeting of the Classis since the denomination's organizational meeting in April, 2014.  Rev. J. Flores led in opening devotions based on Colossians 3, and then Rev. V. Ibe chaired the meeting.  The business of Classis was mostly routine (reports of standing committees, church visitors, clerk, treasurer, etc.) and Classis was able to finish its work by noon.
The main actions were that Classis (1) adopted a constitution for Emeritus work, (2) adopted a constitution for Translation work, and (3) mandated its standing committee which is responsible, among other things, for contact with other churches to correspond with the Contact Committee of the PRCA with a view to establishing a sister church relationship.  It is encouraging to know of the PRCP's desire to work toward such a relationship.  The Lord willing, the standing committee will be able to meet sometime in the near future to begin work toward this goal. 

  The next meeting of the Classis is scheduled for Saturday, October 31 in the Berean PRC.

Rev. Flores leading in opening devotions.

Rev. Ibe, President of Classis

Getting the work done!

There were several observers too.

Consulting the stated clerk.

Enjoying some fellowship.

* Visit of Sem. Stephan Regnerus (1)

As many of you know, Seminarian Stephan Regnerus will be in the Philippines for two months of his summer break from seminary to help out on the mission field and to gain some knowledge of the work the Lord has given us here.

He arrived on Tuesday, May 26, 2015.

Meeting him at the airport.  Already feeling the heat.

His workspace in our spare room all set up and ready to go.

Stephan has already had opportunity to try out various modes of Filipino transport.

  On 2nd Floor, the hill in our neighborhood overlooking the city of Manila.


  We maybe need a little bigger one!

  Yes, he has driven our car a few times already!


He also has already visited three of the groups that we work with.


Thursday night Essentials in Reformed Doctrine class.

Saturday morning children's catechism class.


Rev. Kleyn preached in Maranatha on Stephan's first Sunday here (May 31).
The consistory graciously allowed Stephan to sit in on their meeting that afternoon.

On Stephan's second Sunday here (June 7) we were scheduled again for Maranatha PRC.  This time, though, Stephan led the first worship service -- his first ever!  He did a good job of speaking a Word of edification for the first time.  His text was Genesis 3:15, "A Promise Amidst Curses: Satan's Head Crushed."

Just before we started.

At the end of the service.

Chatting with some of the young people.


After church in Maranatha on June 7, we had to leave right away to be able to attend the monthly consistory meeting of the PRC in Bulacan.  Once again the men graciously agreed to allow Stephan to sit in on their meeting.

A giant? ;-)