* Classis of the PRCP - June 12, 2015

Elder Sonny Umali (stated clerk), Elder Eric Mescallado, Rev. Kleyn, Rev. Ibe,
Rev. Flores, Elder Reden Zuniega, Deacon Eric Castano, Deacon Buboy Prosia

The Classis of the PRC in the Philippines met this past Friday, June 12 (a public holiday here).  The meeting was held in the PRC in Bulacan.  This was the 4th meeting of the Classis since the denomination's organizational meeting in April, 2014.  Rev. J. Flores led in opening devotions based on Colossians 3, and then Rev. V. Ibe chaired the meeting.  The business of Classis was mostly routine (reports of standing committees, church visitors, clerk, treasurer, etc.) and Classis was able to finish its work by noon.
The main actions were that Classis (1) adopted a constitution for Emeritus work, (2) adopted a constitution for Translation work, and (3) mandated its standing committee which is responsible, among other things, for contact with other churches to correspond with the Contact Committee of the PRCA with a view to establishing a sister church relationship.  It is encouraging to know of the PRCP's desire to work toward such a relationship.  The Lord willing, the standing committee will be able to meet sometime in the near future to begin work toward this goal. 

  The next meeting of the Classis is scheduled for Saturday, October 31 in the Berean PRC.

Rev. Flores leading in opening devotions.

Rev. Ibe, President of Classis

Getting the work done!

There were several observers too.

Consulting the stated clerk.

Enjoying some fellowship.

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