* Prof. and Mrs. Cammenga's Visit (4)

Some events from Cammenga's last few days here. 

The lookout over Manila along the hill on the way to our home in Antipolo.

Supper at Bro. Rod and Sis. Beverly Bongat's home

In front of the Berean Church Sunday morning.  Notice the sign in the background.

Prof. preaching in the Berean Protestant Reformed Church.

Time for a few quick pictures, before we had to leave for Provident Christian Church in Marikina.

Lunch in Provident Church with some of the members.

Leaving for home.

We appreciate very much the Cammenga's visit with us and among the saints here - an encouragement to us all.  We pray that God will use their visit for the advance of the Reformed faith in the Philippines and the building up of His church in this land.

* Prof. and Mrs. Cammenga's Visit (3)

On Friday, August 21, we held a conference in Manila with Prof. Cammenga again speaking on the theme, "The Theology of John Calvin."  The conference was held in the Provident Christian Church in Marikina, and there were about 85 attendees from our various groups. 

Setting up the book tables in the second story of the building. 
A couple nieces of Rev. Kleyn, Davinia and Kristen Lotterman, arrived the night before, just in time to help with the set up.  Thanks girls!  :-)

Chatting before the conference.

The Lectures
[These were each followed by Q&A sessions]

A shot from the upstairs balcony

The book sales were good.  We sold about 100 books. 
Thanks to the PRCA for supporting this excellent cause!

Some after-conference shots

 May God's spoken and written Word go forth to gather His church in the Philippines.

* Visit of Sem. Stephan Regnerus (3)

[We just noticed that we overlooked posting this blog.  Sorry it's late!]

In his last week here, Stephan was able to travel on Monday and Tuesday with Rev. Ibe to Gabaldon, where the Bereans are doing some outreach work. 

They traveled on public transportation.  They took the bus from Manila to Cabanatuan, then a jeepney to Gabaldon, and a trike into town and to their final destination.

The style of jeepney in Cabanatuan is a little different from the Manila jeepney.

Inside the jeepney

They were able to enjoy a meal with Brother Lando and Sister Liwanag and family.

Fish, chicken adobo, rice and a noodle dish

Spending some time with the children. 
 The report was that there was also some time for a little basketball.

Stephan spoke for the Bible study group Monday night.  He spoke in English and Rev. Ibe recapped his speech in Tagalog when he was finished.

On Thursday Stephan spoke for the Provident Church's Bible study. 

And on his last Sunday here he preached one last time for the Bereans.

Farewell to the Berean PRC.

We brought Stephan to the airport on Monday, July 27.

Off and away

We are thankful for Stephan's time with us and for the help he was able to give.  We pray that God will bless the experiences he had here and also his further studies in the seminary.

* Prof. and Mrs. Cammenga's Visit (2)

On Monday the 17th we left home early to catch a flight to Bacolod City.  Normally we would have a Bible study in Bacolod City on Monday night.  However, due to the pressures of travel and speaking at the conference for the SNO class the next day, that study was canceled.  After landing in Bacolod City we drove south along the beautiful coastal road to Sipalay, where the conference would be held.  The Cammengas enjoyed seeing the people, farm work, and countryside along the way.

Along the western coast of Negros Island.

Tuesday morning: Prof. preparing for his speeches

Getting ready to start

Lecture 1: "Calvin's Doctrine of the Sovereignty of God and Predestination"

Coffee break

Lecture 2: "Calvin's Doctrine of  Human Depravity and the Bondage of the Will"

Lunch break

Lecture 3 was on "Calvin's Doctrine of Christ and the Atonement of His Cross."  There were also many good questions and much lively discussion.

The whole group

After arriving back in Bacolod City Tuesday night, we had time to stop at the Corpus' pet shop, say a brief hello, and drop off some books that they had ordered.  We normally hold our Monday night Bible study in the room above the shop.

* Prof. and Mrs. Cammenga's Visit (1)

We were excited and blessed to have Prof. and Mrs. Cammenga visit the Philippines
from August 12 - 25.  Their two weeks here were packed with travel, conferences, preaching, meeting the saints here, and a little bit of sightseeing.
Arrival at the airport
Overlooking the countryside near Tanay
On their first Sunday here we visited the Protestant Reformed Church in Bulacan, where Rev. John Flores is the pastor.  Prof. Cammenga preached for their first service. 
Preaching in the Protestant Reformed Church in Bulacan
Consistory of the PRC in Bulacan
Visiting with some of the ladies
We then went on to Maranatha PRC, where Rev. Kleyn preached for their second service.
Maranatha PRC in Valenzuela
(not everyone made it into the picture)
The Cammengas were glad to be able to see the Ibes' new born son, VJ,
 and to visit briefly with Rev. & Melody Ibe and family.
 After Bible study in Provident Christian Church on Thursday night
 [More to come]

* Visitors from Crete PRC

On Saturday, August 8, we picked up our most recent group of visitors.  These two couples are from the Crete PRC.  We enjoyed our short time with Jack and Joyce Lenting and Dewey and Elaine VanderNoord, two families we got to know many years ago (in 1996) during Rev. Kleyn's internship in Crete PRC.

Arrival at the airport

On Sunday, Rev. Kleyn was scheduled to preach in Provident Christian Church.
The visitors enjoyed meeting the saints there.

A short time to fellowship between the services

A shot with some of the members after the 2nd service.


We also had some quality time to relax and chat.....

.....and have some meals at home.

We did a bit of touring around.

Lookout along the hill to our place

Antipolo Public Market

Finding out how the salted eggs (purple shells) are made.  They are buried in a salt bath for 2 weeks, boiled, and then dyed red to keep them separate from the other eggs.

They left again on Wednesday morning, the 12th.

Squeezed into a taxi -- their ride to the airport.

We very much enjoyed their visit.  It was good to renew our acquaintance.  The visit also served as an encouragement both to us and to the saints here.