* Prof. and Mrs. Cammenga's Visit (2)

On Monday the 17th we left home early to catch a flight to Bacolod City.  Normally we would have a Bible study in Bacolod City on Monday night.  However, due to the pressures of travel and speaking at the conference for the SNO class the next day, that study was canceled.  After landing in Bacolod City we drove south along the beautiful coastal road to Sipalay, where the conference would be held.  The Cammengas enjoyed seeing the people, farm work, and countryside along the way.

Along the western coast of Negros Island.

Tuesday morning: Prof. preparing for his speeches

Getting ready to start

Lecture 1: "Calvin's Doctrine of the Sovereignty of God and Predestination"

Coffee break

Lecture 2: "Calvin's Doctrine of  Human Depravity and the Bondage of the Will"

Lunch break

Lecture 3 was on "Calvin's Doctrine of Christ and the Atonement of His Cross."  There were also many good questions and much lively discussion.

The whole group

After arriving back in Bacolod City Tuesday night, we had time to stop at the Corpus' pet shop, say a brief hello, and drop off some books that they had ordered.  We normally hold our Monday night Bible study in the room above the shop.

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