* Visit of Sem. Stephan Regnerus (3)

[We just noticed that we overlooked posting this blog.  Sorry it's late!]

In his last week here, Stephan was able to travel on Monday and Tuesday with Rev. Ibe to Gabaldon, where the Bereans are doing some outreach work. 

They traveled on public transportation.  They took the bus from Manila to Cabanatuan, then a jeepney to Gabaldon, and a trike into town and to their final destination.

The style of jeepney in Cabanatuan is a little different from the Manila jeepney.

Inside the jeepney

They were able to enjoy a meal with Brother Lando and Sister Liwanag and family.

Fish, chicken adobo, rice and a noodle dish

Spending some time with the children. 
 The report was that there was also some time for a little basketball.

Stephan spoke for the Bible study group Monday night.  He spoke in English and Rev. Ibe recapped his speech in Tagalog when he was finished.

On Thursday Stephan spoke for the Provident Church's Bible study. 

And on his last Sunday here he preached one last time for the Bereans.

Farewell to the Berean PRC.

We brought Stephan to the airport on Monday, July 27.

Off and away

We are thankful for Stephan's time with us and for the help he was able to give.  We pray that God will bless the experiences he had here and also his further studies in the seminary.

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