* Visitors from Crete PRC

On Saturday, August 8, we picked up our most recent group of visitors.  These two couples are from the Crete PRC.  We enjoyed our short time with Jack and Joyce Lenting and Dewey and Elaine VanderNoord, two families we got to know many years ago (in 1996) during Rev. Kleyn's internship in Crete PRC.

Arrival at the airport

On Sunday, Rev. Kleyn was scheduled to preach in Provident Christian Church.
The visitors enjoyed meeting the saints there.

A short time to fellowship between the services

A shot with some of the members after the 2nd service.


We also had some quality time to relax and chat.....

.....and have some meals at home.

We did a bit of touring around.

Lookout along the hill to our place

Antipolo Public Market

Finding out how the salted eggs (purple shells) are made.  They are buried in a salt bath for 2 weeks, boiled, and then dyed red to keep them separate from the other eggs.

They left again on Wednesday morning, the 12th.

Squeezed into a taxi -- their ride to the airport.

We very much enjoyed their visit.  It was good to renew our acquaintance.  The visit also served as an encouragement both to us and to the saints here.

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