* Gabaldon Visits and Visitors

Church Building of the All of Grace Protestant Reformed Fellowship
Throughout this past year, we have been able (now and then) to take family and friends along with us on our visits to the All of Grace Protestant Reformed Fellowship in Gabaldon. We worship here once each month (the Smits do so twice each month). Here are a few pictures of some who have been able to join us on these visits.
Visitors in January
Visitors in February
Visitors in May
Visitors in October
This past weekend, Andy Ragual & Ghen Balanquit (who regularly attend the Berean PRC) joined us for our visit to the AGPRF.
An early start - we picked them up in Balintawak at 5:00 a.m.
Still smiling after a couple hours in the car.
We've arrived!
Getting ready for worship to begin.
After our catechism class and two worship services, some of the members of the AGPRF joined us for a short drive.
All squeezed in.
The 11 who fit in our car.
We thoroughly enjoyed having Andy & Ghen along.  The saints in Gabaldon were also glad to meet and get to know them.
On a slightly different note, on a recent trip to Gabaldon we stopped along the road for a short rest, only to find out that we had a dead battery when it was time to head off again.  Oops, someone left the lights on!
Guess who stood in the road and waved the jumper cables in the air whenever a car came past!  Someone took pity and provided the help we needed.  We were soon on our way, and even made it to church on time.

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