* Delegation Visit (5)

As you know, Rev. Vernon Ibe was ordained into office as a Minister of the Word and Sacraments in the Berean PRC on Friday, November 2, 2012.  Here are two additional pictures that were taken in connection with his examination and ordination. 
Group Picture of the consistories, delegates, and observers present at Rev. Ibe's examination.
The ceremony of "Laying on of Hands"
[Rev. D. Overway, Rev. R. Smit, Rev. D. Kleyn, Rev. R. Van Overloop] 
Saturday was spent mostly in preparation for Sunday (visits to and preaching in the First Reformed Church of Bulacan and the Berean Protestant Reformed Church).  However, the delegates did family visitation in the morning.  And we also had time for a few other things. 
Visiting with Rev. Ibe and Bro. Alex Oriate (Rev. Ibe's brother in law).
Ike Uittenbogaard chatting (ever so sweetly) with his wife via Skype.
Ike found a few items to add to his sign collection back home. 
In the evening we took a drive to and walk in dowtown Antipolo City.
The children intently watched Ike's bartering.

On Sunday we were in the FRCB in the morning, and the BPRC in the afternoon.  More on these soon, Lord willing.

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  1. An exciting time for all of you right now! So thankful that another fellow laborer has been added in the work in the Philippines. To God be the glory! Thanks for the pictures and the updates.