* Second Annual Combined Outing - Part 3

No outing is complete without games, right?  Here are a few we enjoyed.  First there were some informal chicken fights, "basketball", and "football" in the pools.

Chicken fights
(Notice that someone has an unfair advantage - he was able to stand in the deep end!)

Football!  Thrown .....

.... and caught!

A crazy but fun form of pool basketball played (this time) with a football.
The hoops were two spots on the sides of the pool, and that was pretty much the only rule (it seemed).  Any way you could get it there was fair play.

There were also some organized games: "ping pong", bring me, and a relay race (which unfortunately we didn't get any pictures of).

Bounce the ping pong ball into the container -
enjoyed by young and old alike

Bring me ......


..... an orange balloon.

We had a day of good fun and fellowship!

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