* Various Events

The Classis of the PRCP met on Monday, June 12.  Business was mostly routine. 
There were a few observers.

PRCP Classis in session

Rev. Ibe, president, Elder Sonny Umali, clerk

Some visiting during break

Group picture (minus the photographer)

On Saturday, June 3 a couple was married in Provident Christian Church. 
Rev. Holstege conducted the marriage ceremony.

Waiting for the bride to come in

Rev. Holstege addresses the couple, Jeff and Angie

The exchange of vows and rings

A few weeks ago we started attending His Name Language School for a refresher of Tagalog.  The school is run by a Christian lady and all the teachers are Christians.  They teach Tagalog to a lot of missionaries.  We have been enjoying the classes and hope and pray they are a tool for us to use the language more.

The school is on the main floor of a home.  Good use is made of a relatively small space, with a dining area that can also be used as a classroom, 2 small sitting areas.....

...and three areas closed off with white boards where the different tutors can sit with their students.

Questions and answers we had to match up.

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