* Bleyenberg's Visit - June 2017

Rev. and Deb Bleyenberg were here for 2 weeks.  Their visit was to help them determine the Lord's will regarding the call Rev. Bleyenberg had received to be a missionary here.  Although the Lord led him to decline the call, we are thankful for their visit, the fellowship we had with them, and their interest in the work.

Their first Sunday here, they were in the Berean PRC for the first service that morning.  (Sorry, no picture as we weren't there.)  They then came to Provident Christian Church, where Rev. Bleyenberg also preached.

Group photo

Rev. Bleyenberg also attended the steering committee meeting in PCC that day.
Clockwise: Rev. Bleyenberg, Bro. Jun Armas, Rev. Holstege, Bro Alex Dela Rosa, Bro. Mitch Suarez, Bro. Bien Montoya

View of the city and sunset from Cloud 9

Rev. and Deb also came with us to our Tagalog class and heard a lecture on "Language Learning."

Rev. Bleyenberg spoke for PCC's Wednesday night class (usually led by Rev. Holstege on the Canons of Dordt) on "How To Study the Bible."   The class was well attended, with several visitors present.

At the Antipolo Public Market

On a jeepney

At the Ibes to say hi.

Daranak Falls was a fun outing one afternoon.

The second Sunday of their visit Rev. Bleyenberg and Rev. Kleyn each preached once for the Protestant Reformed Church in Bulacan.

Lunch afterwards with some of the consistory members and some of their wives.

On Monday the Bleyenbergs, Rev. Holstege, and Rev. Kleyn traveled to Sipalay on Negros Island.  There was a pastors' fellowship there on Monday night and pastors' classes on Tuesday.  

May God bless the work that was done for the gathering of His church
and the glory of His name.

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