* A Few Recent Pictures

At a graduation party recently.
(For children of Sister Lina (Batasan Hills), the lady on the left.)

Under the table - a fun place to play!

Palm Sunday yesterday.
(These fronds are purchased by Roman Catholics, brought to the church
to be blessed, and then used to keep away evil spirits.)

A family heading home with their palm fronds.

An interesting load seen on our way to Gabaldon.

One that didn't make it around the corner.
(Also on our way to Gabaldon.)

Anyone like a few bananas?

Quite a load for the little girl to handle!

Boys who love to climb trees!
(Carl & Ryan.)


  1. Are bumper messages like the one on the banana truck, "God Bless Our Trip", common?

  2. Yes Chad, many religious sayings on vehicles and elsewhere, but especially on jeepneys.