* First Annual Combined Outing

One of the goals of the mission work here is to establish, Lord willing, a denomination.  The various groups also desire this and to that end the First Reformed Church of Bulacan planned the First Annual Combined Outing so that the various groups could get to know each other and start, not just formal relations, but also personal fellowship and communion of the saints.  The outing was at a beautiful resort park with pools and an area we could reserve for ourselves.  This way our group could be together for all the activities.  And there were a lot of them!

Opening announcements, followed by devotions

The first mixer game. 
You had to find people who had their spouse there,
who had the same shoe size as you (a hard one for the Americans!), etc.

Sack races

The onlookers cheering on the contestants

Building straw towers

And more games......

The swimming was a big hit!  Besides the two pools in our area, there was a public wave pool which many took advantage of as well.

And in between everything else there was still time for food and fellowship.

Some of the ladies

Lunch time

(Can you guess what that word means?)

Some of the young men.....

and young ladies

We pray that God will bless the efforts that went into planning the day and the fellowship and fun that took place.  Our hearts' desire and prayer to God is that His church may be established and built up.  Pray that the truth works powerfully to unite God's people in love and in the cause of God's kingdom here in the Philippines.  All for His glory.

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  1. Doesn't Masarap mean delicious? That food looks wonderful.