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We recently reached a milestone with the ongoing project of translating "Reformed Witness Hour" messages into Tagalog: All the 2010 RWH messages have been translated!

The RWH messages are produced by a committee that is sponsored and supported by the Protestant Reformed denomination.  These messages are broadcast on more than 20 radio stations in North America.  Rev. Carl Haak is the current radio pastor, though other ministers of the PRCA also produce the messages from time to time.  In 2010, messages were produced by Rev. C. Haak, Rev. W. Bruinsma, and Rev. R. Kleyn.

The translation of the written form of these messages has been done by Pastor John Flores, pastor of the First Reformed Church of Bulacan.  This is the congregation we visit and in which Rev. Kleyn preaches and teaches on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month.

Pastor John L. Flores

The 52 messages of 2010 are available in Tagalog at the audio and literature page that has been set up by our missionaries.  To access this site (where the messages can either be read or printed), simply click on the title below.

We know of a number of contacts who already make regular use of these messages.  We also provide them to the All of Grace Protestant Reformed Fellowship in Gabaldon for the Sundays that we are not there.  We hope others too may find and profit from this treasure of biblical and Reformed preaching and teaching.

Translation work continues for now with the 2009 and 2011 RWH messages.

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