* Recent Trips to Gabaldon

We visit the All of Grace Protestant Reformed Fellowship in Gabaldon at least once a month.  Sometimes we go there twice - whenever there are five Sundays in a month.  This PR Fellowship is located about five hours from our home in Antipolo City, Manila.

Farms and hills surround the small rural town of Gabaldon.

Rice farming is the main crop.  Here a farmer prepares his fields.

Rebekah and Irene Smit accompanied us on the first weekend in May.

During the long road trip, Sharon and the girls kept themselves occupied
with some crafts in the back seat.

Along the way we met a merchant traveling with his wares.

John and Jay Smit came along when we visited
on the fifth Sunday in May.

The children were very interested in their catechism materials ....
and (as always) in having their picture taken.

The children also had fun comparing their noses to the size of Rev. Kleyn's.

They were also fascinated by Rev. Kleyn's arm hairs.

Becoming acquainted with a carabao
tethered across the road from the church building.

Sibling sisters (Rochelle and Diana) sharing lunch.

After lunch, we visited briefly with two of the elderly ladies in one of their homes,
as one of them was unable to attend because of sickness.  An enjoyable visit!

Sis. Macaria and Sis. Adeling outside the latter's home.
It continues to be a blessing to get to know the saints in Gabaldon better, and to experience and strengthen the bond of faith that unites us with them.

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