* Showers and Flowers

Rainy season has begun here.  Started in May, actually.  We've had rain every day for the last week, in the form of a couple tropical storms.  Rainfall over the weekend came to just under 5 inches.  And so far today, 4.5 inches ..... and it's still raining.  Along with rainy season come cooler temperatures, something we enjoy.  But also flooded roads, and thus longer travel times.  For example, late this afternoon it took us nearly 4 hours to cover just 36 kilometers (22.5 miles).

Often we can see the storms building over Manila, and can witness some beautiful thunder heads.  Recently we were able to get a few pictures from a hilltop in our neighborhood (referred to as "The 2nd Floor").

As a result of the rains, many new flowers spring to life and display their beauty.  God gives us much variety to enjoy in His creation.  Here's a sample of some of it.  Enjoy!  We'll leave it to you to figure out the names.

In the distant past, I (along with my brothers) was once accused of being an "aesthetic clod" (source remains anonymous).  Hopefully these pictures prove otherwise.  ;-)

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